WIAW: Game Day!

It’s been TOO LONG since I’ve posted a WIAW! Thanks to Laura at Sprint 2 the Table for hosting.


Pre-Workout Snack

IMG_7410 (1)

I almost always have 1/2 banana pre-workout. I find it the perfect amount of energy to hold me over.

My workout was an oldie but a goodie, borrowed from Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers.




Overnight oats! This was ~1/3 cup oats, almond/coconut milk, chia seeds, nonfat plain Greek yogurt, cinnamon, figs, strawberries, pecans, and Kashi cinnamon cereal.



My mini Bento box lunch. Celery and carrots with hummus, low fat mozzarella, a hard boiled egg, and a piece of whole wheat cinnamon raisin bread.

Pre-Softball Snack


We had a company softball game (so fun!) scheduled for 6:15, and I knew I wouldn’t have time to eat dinner beforehand. I enjoyed this Peanut Crisp Oatmega Bar around 3:00.



I was looking forward to this stir fry since the weekend! It’s cauliflower rice (LOVE!), rotisserie chicken, bell peppers, and Lacinato kale. So easy, super healthy, low carb, and totally satisfying.

Other Snacks


Guess who went to Trader Joe’s this weekend! These chocolates are SO YUMMY. The perfect mix of salty, sweet, chewy, and crunchy.


Okay, this was kind of an impulse buy. It’s so random, but so good. Pickle flavored popcorn. It tastes exactly how it sounds!

Unpictured: I had one beer after softball with my colleagues. Our team is pretty awful, but we’re getting better every week, AND we’re having a great time!


Your Turn-

  • Have you ever made cauliflower rice?
  • Pick up any good snacks from Trader Joe’s (or elsewhere) lately? 🙂

WIAW – What I Ate Before Going Vegan

I mentioned yesterday that I would be going vegan for Lent. That means that yesterday, Fat Tuesday, was my last chance to eat anything & everything non-vegan before spending 40 days plant-based.

So what did I eat before going vegan? A burger? A steak? Sushi? Ice cream?

Surprisingly, I didn’t crave any of those things. Here’s a look at what I ate before going vegan!

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WIAW – The Old and The New

Out with the old, in with the new. Well, okay… not all the old. Or all the new. Whatever – when it comes to food, I like what I like. =)

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! Easily the best day in the blog world. Not that we don’t always share all the good stuff we eat. But Wednesday’s a whole day dedicated to it.

wiawThis week I’m sharing a variety of breakfasts, lunches & dinners. Some old, some new. What I’m nottttt showing you is the dozens of quest bars, spoonfuls of peanut butter, glasses of wine and handfuls of dark chocolate chips I also ate over the course of the week. Whatever, I ain’t perfect.

But hopefully I’ll be getting where I need to be with help from Blogilates. I’ll be sure to track my progress here. Now, on to the good stuff.

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WIAW – Yogurt on Toast

When it comes to breakfast, I’m a bit of a creature of habit. I rotate between oatmeal variations (baked, regular or overnight) & toast with allll the toppings.

Lately, sprouted wheat toast or a TJ’s English muffin has been hitting the spot! I top 1/2 with peanut butter/banana/cinnamon, and the other 1/2 with nonfat plain Greek yogurt and berries.


I switch it up by adding hemp seeds, chia seeds, sliced almonds, or broiled Quest bar chunks. So delicious!

Screen shot 2015-01-28 at 8.34.51 AM

What a steal! Thanks, Sprouts FM.

Sunday morning’s toast went un-photographed as I scarfed it down in the car, in a hurry to get across town. Oopsie! ; )

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WIAW: The Taco That Stole the Show

Happy, Happy Wednesday! I sure do love it when the weekend comes back into sight.

Does anyone else have a long weekend coming up for MLK Day? I’m planning on driving out to the San Marcos Outlets – I’m on the hunt for a new pair of Nikes.

And although it’s still 4 months away, I was super excited about yesterday’s Dave Matthews Band tour dates announcement … kicking off the summer tour in Austin. I can’t waaaait!


Speaking of Austin things… does anyone else struggle when deciding where to eat? Like, there are so many amazing restaurants in Austin that I still want to try. But some days, I’m not gonna lie… I just want Chipotle, Whole Foods or Panera! What’s a girl to do?!

For ‘What I Ate Wednesday,’ I’m sharing one breakfast, one lunch, one dinner, and a snack from this week that took the spotlight. I resisted Chipotle for now, but it’s been a pretty even split of cooked-by-me vs. something I bought. I’ll take it!


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WIAW – Post-Christmas Catch Up

Happy New Year! I can’t believe another year has come and passed. I’m back in Texas and getting excited to ring in 2015 tonight, then get back in the zone and make 2015 a great year! What are your plans for tonight? : )

It’s been foreverever since I’ve done a WIAW post, and I have some catching up to do, so this will be perfect. I’m stretching all the way back to Christmas Day – seems like forever ago!

WHAT-I-ATE-WEDNESDAY-NEW-BUTTON-PEAS-AND-CRAYONSI can honestly say this was the first year I enjoyed all types of holiday food, in moderation, guilt-free. I tried balancing out richer meals with healthier breakfasts and workouts… I did the best I could!

I’m so ready to get back in a routine for 2015, though. Preaching to the choir, right? ; )

It’s catch-up time!

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WIAW – Vegan Ice Cream + My New Kryptonite

It’s been too long since I’ve done a WIAW post – I’ve got some catching up to do!

I haven’t cooked anything too elaborate lately. It’s cold. I’m getting lazy (so not like me). So, I’m all about quick and easy. The highlights of my week have definitely been the sweets I’ve been craving as the weather gets colder. Puttin’ on that winter layer, you know. ;]


Fall into good habits, yeah.. “good” is a relative term.

Let’s back up and start with the weekend, shall we?

Nada Moo coconut milk ice cream in Vanilla Chai and Chocolate Almond Chip -- I couldn't decide!

Friday night = Nada Moo coconut milk ice cream. This was an impulse purchase… sooo pumped that I tried it. Not a bad nutritional profile (130 cal, 10g sugar), based in Austin, and soo delicious! Can’t wait to try the Maple Pecan flavor.

The Pink Panther smoothie from JuicelandSaturday treats… (unpictured – the Dunkin’ coffee AND froyo I also got .. whoops ;))

This Juiceland smoothie was SO awesome — strawberry, banana, watermelon juice, beet, pecan, coconut oil and cayenne.


Yogurt on toast for breakfast on Sunday morning. This is my new go-to for quick breakfasts with a good balance of carbs and protein. Thanks, Instagram, for the inspiration!


A pretty standard weeknight dinner. Trader Joe’s chicken sausage, green beans, side salad (leftover from a restaurant), sweet potato with peeeebz. =)

And then there’s these suckers…
Yogurt peppermint holiday pretzels from central market are so addicting!These stupid peppermint + yogurt covered pretzels from the holiday bulk section of Central Market are MY KRYPTONITE. I’m sorry, is there crack in these????!!?!

Confession — I bought a baggie full on Friday, and they didn’t even make it out of the car. ;D Oops. When I got some more (obv.), I rationed them out in these baby Tupperwares to make them last over the course of the week. Or, you know, more than the car ride home. #yolo

Your Turn-

  • What have you been craving lately?
  • What food is your weakness?

WIAW: Apple Pumpkin Breakfast Bake

Are you an apple or pumpkin pie person? I’ve always been teased for my tendency to sample each of the desserts at our holiday get togethers. I see nothing wrong with that!

I’ve been experimenting with baked oatmeal lately, and have been loving different flavor combos. My latest success was this Apple Pumpkin Breakfast Bake, and I’m really excited to share the recipe.

Apple Pumpkin Breakfast Bake is so comforting and delicious for fall!

There’s been no shortage of apple and pumpkin-flavored everything in my kitchen this fall, and I’m sure many of you are the same way.

By combining apple and pumpkin, you get the best of both worlds … because I don’t believe in choosing between apple vs. pumpkin baked goods. ; )

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WIAW – My First Burger in Months

Wednesday, Wednesday. You little golden ray of sunshine. Thank you for reminding us that Friday is not far behind! (See? Do you believe me? It really is all about perspective.) ; )

Last week I opted out of doing a ‘What I Ate Wednesday’ post, so today I’m happy to be back sharing some of my favorite meals from the week. Thanks to Jenn (Peas and Crayons) for hosting this linkup.

wiaw-fall-into-good-habits-button I was going to say the burger I got on Sunday was the highlight of what I ate this week…

My first burger in months came from Hop Doddy gourmet burger bar in Austin, TX.

My first burger in months. I got it with cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, BBQ sauce, mushrooms and “sassy sauce” — from Hop Doddy in Austin.

… But then I remembered the Pumpkin Spice/Graham Cracker fro-yo I treated myself to on Saturday.

Froyo with all the toppings!


Oh, then there were the Pumpkin Dark Chocolate Chip Pancakes I made for myself on Monday. They were healthy and amaaaazing — I called them the Monday Killer.

Healthy dark chocolate pumpkin pancakes are totally a Monday Killer.


Then again I’ve been loving a solid purple sweet potato/salmon/brussels sprouts combo. All my faves. And how awesome are purple sweet potatoes?!

Grilled salmon, roasted brussels sprouts and purple sweet potato are a healthy and awesome dinner combo!

Yeah, I took a nib before snapping the photo. ; )


And of course, I’m on my salad game for easy vitamin-packed work lunches. This week I switched it up by adding roasted beets, sprouts & lentils on top of my usual avocado, carrot, tomato and cucumber grind. I was so happy my lentils didn’t turn to mush.

Veggie packed salad for an easy work lunch

So I guess there really was no highlight. It’s all a highlight! No complaints here.

I’m consciously eating as healthy as possible this week because I’m sure that Halloween candy and grown-up candy (okay, alcohol) will be happening this weekend.

I haven’t revealed my costume to anyone yet … fingers crossed that it actually comes out the way I want it to! ; )

Your Turn-

  • Best Halloween candy? Worst? (Bit O Honey .. let’s be real)
  • Are you dressing up for Halloween?
  • Highlight of your meals this week? (Did you share it on your blog?)

WIAW – Sneaky Veggie Spaghetti Recipe

Hello and Happy Wednesday. The cold front in Austin has it feeling a bit more like fall lately. I’ll take it!

With the colder(ish) weather comes a desire for comfort food. This week, I embraced that desire by making spaghetti squash, turkey meatballs and homemade pasta sauce. I have been meaning to get more creative with my spaghetti squash (like this lasagna), but there’s nothing wrong with keepin’ it classic, right?


As if replacing pasta for a veggie wasn’t awesome enough, I got some extra sneaky vegetables in this dish. The more, the merrier! Can you guess the secret ingredient in the meatballs that makes them so “sneaky?”

Healthy fall comfort food in the form of spaghetti squash with turkey meatballs. can you guess the secret ingredient?

Here’s a hint – it was used to replace rice/breadcrumbs.

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