Why My Foodie Swap Was Hilarious

We all love getting comments, emails, likes, and new followers, right? Well today, I’m taking it back to basics and talking about snail mail.

image (17)

My friend Georgie, InIt4theLongRun blogger and total social media badass, started a Facebook group for bloggers. It’s been an awesome resource! When she suggested a Foodie Swap Box, I was 110% on board. Each participant was assigned another blogger to send a box full of snacks and goodies too. (You can read about my first box here.)

A few weeks ago, I received my second Foodie Swap Box from Brie at Lean, Clean and Brie. I’ve been following Brie’s blog for a while, and it’s been a pleasure to watch her grow as a blogger. 🙂

So why was it so hilarious to receive my box?

The day I received my box in the mail, I had done some shopping for Brie’s box. Here’s what I had picked up:


A few Mamma Chia Chia Squeeze packets, and a few of my favorite nut butters.

Then, when the mail came, here is some of what Brie had sent me:

Mamma Chia Chia Squeeze, some tea, and basically the same nut butters!

Mamma Chia Chia Squeeze, some tea, and basically the same nut butters!

How hilarious is that! Us health food bloggers like what we like, right?! 🙂

Afterwards, I actually ended up going back to the store to get a bit more variety for Brie’s box. Brie, I hope you enjoyed the goodies I sent you!

Your Turn-

  • What’s your favorite snack food lately?

9 thoughts on “Why My Foodie Swap Was Hilarious

  1. That’s too funny! I’ve been wanting to try Justins’ Nut Butter! The peanut butter chocolates have been catching my eye lately too. I’m obsessed with Perfect Bars but you have to refrigerate them so they are a bit harder to send in the mail to another blogger.


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