Deliciousness in Dallas

Have I mentioned that I loveee having visitors in town?!

I’ve been pretty lucky having almost all of my best friends come visit me in Austin in the past year. I love showing people my new city.

Right now, my parents are in town for an extended Labor Day vacation. They arrived last Friday and will be here until Sunday. They’ve been to Austin a few times now, so there’s no pressure to do “touristy” things. It’s been nice just hanging out!

parents visiting

Last weekend, we drove about 3 hours to Dallas. Though I’m partial to Austin, I was very pleasantly surprised with Dallas! I got some great restaurant recommendations from Nancy at southerncoffeelover, a Dallas girl herself. Thanks, Nancy!

We spent some time downtown at Dealey Plaza, where President JFK was shot. I thought the Sixth Floor Museum was very well done. Being up on the sixth floor was very solemn and surreal.

texas book depository

The sixth floor of the former Texas Book Depository is where Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly shot the president.

dealey plaza in dallas texas

Dealey Plaza. The man is walking where the President was shot.

We also checked out the Bishop Arts District, Greenville Ave., West End, Community Brewery, and AT&T stadium.

acai bowl in bishop arts district dallas

Yummy acai bowl from a coffeeshop in the Bishop Arts District


Cold brew coffee from Oddfellows.

By far, my favorite area of Dallas was Greenville Ave. It actually reminded me of Austin with its trendy restaurants and bars. We ate at HG Sply Co., which is primarily a paleo restaurant. I got the burgerstack, a kobe beef burger over lettuce, tomatao and sweet potatoes with avocado and a fried farm egg.



Afterwards, we stopped for a refreshing gourmet popsicle at Steel City Pops. At the employees’ recommendation, I got the strawberry lemonade. I loved it!


On our mini-vacation and while my parents are here, I’ve still been making sure to get my workouts in.

Sweaty early morning hotel workout!

Sweaty early morning hotel workout!

I did two early morning hotel workouts in Dallas, and have been sneaking workouts in where I can. It’s all about balance, right?!

While I’ve definitely been going out to eat and indulging a bit while my folks are here, it’s been worth it!

Tell Me – How do you keep your balance when traveling, or when visitors are in town? 🙂


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