I’m Back! With a 10 Day Sugar Detox

Something has to change, guys.

A few people asked me why I hadn’t posted in over a month (and I love them for noticing/caring). The reason why? I had nothing to say. I would have felt like a phony writing about health when the reality is me eating, drinking, and skipping workouts.

I’m probably exaggerating. Over the past few weeks, I’ve still cooked healthy meals for myself. I’ve exercised 5-6 days a week. I’m conscious of every decision I make, good and bad.

healthy foods while i've been gone

I’ve written before about finding a balance between being healthy and enjoying life, especially in a young, hip city like Austin. So much revolves around eating and drinking.

I can’t feel guilty for enjoying myself. But I still feel like crap. My body needs … something. A reset. A detox. Maybe just a slap in the face. 😉

Which brings me to this: My 10 Day Sugar Detox.

10 day sugar detox

My 10 Day Sugar Detox

The Reason: Simply too much consumption. I’ve caught myself slipping up and letting things slide a lot more than usual. And they’re not all big events, either, like going for ice cream or drinking frozen margaritas.

Adding honey to my yogurt, chocolate chips to my pancakes, drinking sweetened kombucha, and choosing flavored yogurts over plain have all contributed to my new dependency’ on sugar, which makes me tired and leaves me craving more.

The Rules: I vow to eliminate all added sugars, both natural and artificial. This includes honey, agave, maple/brown rice syrup, stevia, sucralose, fruit juices/extracts, coconut sugar, evaporated cane juice, alcohol (!), and of course, refined brown and white sugar.

The Plan: I will have to cook most meals for myself. I think I will be encouraged to use more whole ingredients like produce, grains, lean proteins like chicken and fish. I anticipate having to eliminate most packaged food items, including bread, protein/granola bars, cereal, etc. Also, no alcohol! I will continue to eat fresh fruits, because I don’t believe in restricting them.

The Results I’m Hoping For: I honestly just want to feel a difference. Anything. Being less tired would be great. And since sugar makes you crave more sugar, I hope to end this cycle!

I’m starting tomorrow – Tuesday, August 11th. The challenge will end on Friday, August 21st. Wish me luck!

Your Turn-

  • Have you ever done a sugar detox? Any advice?
  • What do you find is the sneakiest source of sugar? I’d say bread and salad dressing!

6 thoughts on “I’m Back! With a 10 Day Sugar Detox

  1. Once you think about the idea of a sugar detox, you realize how hard it can be – there can be so much “hidden” sugar in so many unexpected places! It may be old news that certain yogurts can be overloaded with sugar, but I’m still always a little surprised when I actually read through their labels. Good luck on your sugar detox!


  2. I haven’t really done one (I tried but was not super strict about it) but I think I should just because I never really looked at the amount of sugar I eat – but between all the copious fruit and yogurt I consume, and my ice cream habit, it’s a LOT.


  3. I’ve missed you! I’ve been eating more added sugar than normal this summer (mainly honey and maple syrup in meals. Oh and sweetened kombucha and nut butter and salad dressing). I don’t believe in restricting fruit either but I wonder if I’d feel “better” if I did. But that’s probably not going to happen haha. Good luck!


  4. I’m in it with you! I recently completed a quick juice cleanse just to “reset”, because I felt like I was kind of teetering off into an unhealthy path for the month of July – even if the juice cleanse was kind of all mental. I’m pumped and excited to fill my plate with healthy grains, lean proteins, and vegetables!


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