When Your Day Doesn’t Go As Planned

I am someone who likes plans, lists, and schedules. I take comfort in outlining my to-do list, and satisfaction in checking things off. But some days, things just don’t go according to the plan.

For me, it’s easy to shut down when this happens. But lately, I’ve been trying to roll with the punches and be okay with Plan B.

Wednesday was a classic example of this, over and over. Here’s how it went down, and how I dealt with it.

The Plan: Wake up early and work out.
The Reality: Instead, I chose to sleep in.
The Reason: I was out late on Tuesday, and sleep is just as important as a work out some days.
The Next Step: Plan to fit a workout in later in the day?

The Plan: Eat my salad for lunch.
The Reality: I went to the mall with a coworker over lunch, and chose mall Chinese instead.
The Reason: I’m so thankful for work friends! I typically try to make healthy choices for lunch, but some days you just have to say “yes.”
The Next Step: Save the salad for tomorrow.

The Plan: Fit a workout in after work.
The Reality:  My manager invited the team over for margaritas. Such a sweet gesture!
The Reason: Teammate bonding is important. How could I skip?
The Next Step: Unplanned rest day it is. Get back on schedule Thursday morning!

The Plan: Tilapia, green beans, and sweet potato for dinner.
The Reality:  I got home from running errands 9 PM and was starving. Fish was the last thing on my mind, so I had toast with peanut butter and raw fruits/veggies. Random but awesome!
The Reason: Honor your cravings!
The Next Step: Save the fish for tomorrow and plan to get back on track, meal-wise.

I’ll be honest. When plans change, it throws me out of my comfort zone. But I’m proud of the progress I’ve made in being flexible and rollin’ with it!

Your Turn-

  • What do you do when your day doesn’t go as planned?
  • Speaking of PLANS, any fun ones for the weekend? : )

5 thoughts on “When Your Day Doesn’t Go As Planned

  1. Story of my life, Emily! Sometimes it’s not bad to have those days though, because they really do motivate you to get back on track! I think that having some sort of a schedule is important, but being flexible and adaptable is just as important.


  2. Love, love love this, Emily! This is exactly the kind of exercise I was introduced to in recovery and it’s so so helpful. Even if it makes you feel awful to even think of NEEDING a Plan B, let’s be honest…. that’s life!


  3. Good for you! This is a great post, because so many of us have those inner dialogues about what we “should have” done in place of what the day brings. You’re right, just go with it and find the positive side of leaving your comfort zone! 🙂


  4. Nice, you go girl! Everyone I know that’s a total Type A person seems to have stress issues (and stomach issues for that matter) because they get so worried when things don’t go exactly as planned. I find it sad because most of the time it’s not even a big deal when plans change, and rolling with the punches is so much less draining! I like planning things out too, but I also like being spontaneous and switching it up if I feel like it.


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