Highlights of Home: 24th Birthday Weekend

A vacation to your hometown is still a vacation, right?

I never thought I’d be so excited to go back to my small town, but spending my 24th Birthday/Memorial Day weekend back home in Pennsylvania was just what I needed.

image (15)

I arrived last Thursday night, and stayed until Tuesday afternoon. Spending time with my friends and family made it a perfect vacation. I couldn’t ask for more!

24th Birthday

chilly morning birthday run

On Friday, my birthday started with a chilly morning run. I did about a 5-mile loop on the old trails I used to train on. It wasn’t my best run ever, but it felt good to be back in my ‘hood.


Later, I enjoyed an awesome birthday dinner with my parents at one of our favorite local restaurants. I ordered a glass of sangria, and the Asian glazed ahi tuna steak with mashed potatoes and veggies. It was more than enough for two meals!


Our waitress was a friend of mine (small town, small world), and she was sweet enough to bring me a birthday dessert on the house! I ordered the pumpkin cake with ice cream… it was delicious, and the crust was on point.

Family Down-Time


No caption necessary. Love this 14-year old pup!! ❤

Best Friend Bonding


My best friends are probably the best part of being home. Ashley still lives in our hometown, so I can always see her when I travel back. Tiffany is in vet school in Arizona, so seeing her is a bit more rare. No matter what, the 3 of us can always pick up right where we left off.


I’m so happy the three of us could enjoy ice cream, breakfast, and hanging out in the form of a good old fashioned sleepover. ❤

Spirited Art with Mom


I’ve always wanted to do a wine/painting event. As part of our Mother’s Day/Birthday celebration, my Mom and I took a class together. Neither one of us is an ~artist~ but it was fun to let our creative sides out a little. Mine’s hanging in my apartment as we speak.

Memorial Day Cookout

IMG_6407All I asked for was burgers on the grill. I don’t own a grill in Texas, so a regular old cookout with burgers, hot dogs, veggie kebabs, corn on the cob, and watermelon was EXACTLY what I wanted (thanks, Mom & Dad)!

On Monday, I had some of my friends over by the pool. We ate, drank, and got a few good laughs at our high school yearbook. I can’t even express how nice it was to see everyone.

Sweets and Beets

Your Turn-

  • What’s the #1 thing you look forward to when you go back home?
  • Any fun summer vacations coming up?

5 thoughts on “Highlights of Home: 24th Birthday Weekend

  1. Everything looks delicious and fun! From the ahi tuna to all that ice cream 🙂 Cheers to 24, I’ll be joining you there in July!

    I actually really enjoy heading out to my hometown in Connecticut because even though it’s only a 2 hour trip from Manhattan, it feels like a world away in that it is so much greener and quieter. And of course my puppy is there too.


  2. All of that sounds so lovely. I might actually do the same this summer – take a week off and spend it on Nantucket. It’s been so long since I spent time there in the summer and I wasn’t working my butt off. Plus it’s waaaay cheaper and all your friends and family are there.
    I love being able to run on old trails, hit up my favorite food places, take a spin class with my badass spin instructor aunt and see my family.


  3. Sounds like you had a great time at home! I always look forward to spending time with loved ones and hitting up my favorite restaurants when I visit my hometown. I’m going back east this summer, and am looking forward to meeting my new nephew and spending time with my other 3 nephews.


  4. Heyya.. I always look forward to spending time with loved ones and hitting up my favorite restaurants when I visit my hometown.Everything looks delicious and fun! From the ahi tuna to all that ice cream 🙂 Cheers to 24.. 🙂


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