When Your Day Doesn’t Go As Planned

I am someone who likes plans, lists, and schedules. I take comfort in outlining my to-do list, and satisfaction in checking things off. But some days, things just don’t go according to the plan.

For me, it’s easy to shut down when this happens. But lately, I’ve been trying to roll with the punches and be okay with Plan B.

Wednesday was a classic example of this, over and over. Here’s how it went down, and how I dealt with it.

The Plan: Wake up early and work out.
The Reality: Instead, I chose to sleep in.
The Reason: I was out late on Tuesday, and sleep is just as important as a work out some days.
The Next Step: Plan to fit a workout in later in the day?

The Plan: Eat my salad for lunch.
The Reality: I went to the mall with a coworker over lunch, and chose mall Chinese instead.
The Reason: I’m so thankful for work friends! I typically try to make healthy choices for lunch, but some days you just have to say “yes.”
The Next Step: Save the salad for tomorrow.

The Plan: Fit a workout in after work.
The Reality:  My manager invited the team over for margaritas. Such a sweet gesture!
The Reason: Teammate bonding is important. How could I skip?
The Next Step: Unplanned rest day it is. Get back on schedule Thursday morning!

The Plan: Tilapia, green beans, and sweet potato for dinner.
The Reality:  I got home from running errands 9 PM and was starving. Fish was the last thing on my mind, so I had toast with peanut butter and raw fruits/veggies. Random but awesome!
The Reason: Honor your cravings!
The Next Step: Save the fish for tomorrow and plan to get back on track, meal-wise.

I’ll be honest. When plans change, it throws me out of my comfort zone. But I’m proud of the progress I’ve made in being flexible and rollin’ with it!

Your Turn-

  • What do you do when your day doesn’t go as planned?
  • Speaking of PLANS, any fun ones for the weekend? : )

Lately I’ve Been…

Let’s catch up, shall we?

Until I’ve perfected a recipe to share with you, or am ready to go on another mini-rant, I’ll probably fill up my blog with a whole lot of randomness. It’s my style, what can I say?

I grabbed this survey from Emily at My Healthyish Life. An honest and passionate runner, celiac, and all around cool lady, Emily’s blog is one of my favorites. Check it out!

So! Lately, I’ve been…

Making: my apartment feel more like home, by adding touches of art & new linens.


I painted this! Go me!

Cooking: stir fries and healthy pancakes.

Drinking: coffee, water, repeat.

Reading: Yes Please by Amy Poehler. It’s so good. First book in over a year that I cannot put down!


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Saying It, Living It

It’s all about balance,” “everything in moderation,” and “you only live once!” are phrases that I’ve found myself saying to my coworkers recently. I even went so far as to tell a friend “I don’t perpetuate negative body talk.” I couldn’t believe that came out of my mouth!

Later, I wasn’t sure if I was proud of myself for addressing the pattern I had been seeing, or embarrassed that I sounded self-righteous.

I’ve come a long way in achieving balance in my diet & exercise. I’m still not where I want to be. So it’s not always easy for me to be in an environment that upsets the balance (even unintentionally).

Sometimes people’s conversations at work can be difficult for me. I overhear people lamenting the junk food they ate, pining over the cookies in the kitchen, or discussing their latest diets.

Even if they have the best of intentions, the nature of these conversations can upset me. I start comparing and analyzing what I’m doing as compared to what others are doing.


Most of the time, I try and tune these conversations out. There’s no sense comparing or competing, because everyone’s situation is different. But when I do chime in, I try and add positive encouragement, like “It’s all about balance!”

Now, the hard part is internal: saying it vs. truly living it.

Your Turn-

  • How do you deal with others’ negative body talk, or missed-the-mark diet advice?

Light and Heavy: Thinking Out Loud

So, I don’t like to post when I don’t particularly have anything health/fitness-related to say. I’ve been pretty quiet lately, so my thoughts have piled up a bit. It’s a perfect time to jump in for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.


I noticed my thoughts are a pretty even mix of heavy and light this week. Either way, it’s nice to get them all out of my brain and into a post. =) Thanks for linking up, Amanda!

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Becoming Friends With the Voices in Your Head

“You can skip your workout today. Just sleep in! Your bed is sooo comfortable. Plus, you’re still a little sore/tired/hungover/sniffly/[insert excuse here].”

Do the voices inside your head sound a lot like mine?

Like me, maybe you lie in bed some mornings, debating whether to work out or sleep in. We’re only human! Yes, sometimes we need to cut ourselves some slack. But most days, I depend on myself as my main source of motivation.

My advice? Don’t treat the voices in your head as enemies. Let them be your friends! They can be sources of positivity rather than negativity.

Here’s another example. When training for my half marathon, I was intimidated by the long runs on my training plan. Every long run became a new personal record, and I was never sure if I could do it. Doubt was a huge factor.

But I turned the mentality of “can’t” into “can.” Here’s the secret: Even if you’re not sure if you can accomplish something, tell yourself that you can.

Not sure if you can (or should) wake up and run those 8 miles in the summer sun? I bet you can! Heck, you can at least try.

That’s my speech for the day. =) Let me know what you think!

  • How do you turn the voices in your head from negative to positive?

Highlights of Home: 24th Birthday Weekend

A vacation to your hometown is still a vacation, right?

I never thought I’d be so excited to go back to my small town, but spending my 24th Birthday/Memorial Day weekend back home in Pennsylvania was just what I needed.

image (15)

I arrived last Thursday night, and stayed until Tuesday afternoon. Spending time with my friends and family made it a perfect vacation. I couldn’t ask for more!

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