See It to Believe It: Best Deals Ever

One of the first places I like to go when I’m home in Pennsylvania is our local discount grocery store. I always get phenomenal deals on healthy hidden gems!

There’s plenty of non-healthy items too, which sometimes make their way into my cart as well. What can I say?

Many of the items are so cheap because they are near their expiration date. Some are actually past their ‘best by’ date. But I’m always shocked at the amazing deals I can get. The dates don’t usually bother me.

Here’s a recap of some of this week’s finds. You have to see it to believe it!


MaraNatha Creamy Almond Butter, $3.99. Typically $6-8.

IMG_6325Vita Coco coconut water latte drink, $0.59. Typically $2-3.

square bar vegan protein bar

Squarebar organic vegan protein bar, $0.99. Typically $2.50.


Wild Friends organic chocolate sunflower butter, $3.99. Typically, $8-9.


Purely Elizabeth blueberry hemp granola, $1.79. Typically, $6.99.

Puffins peanut butter chocolate cereal

Puffins peanut butter and chocolate cereal (like adult Reese’s Puffs!) for $1.29. Typically $3-4.

And perhaps the biggest surprise of all…


Freaking Oatmega Bars!! This is the company I work part-time for in Austin. I could NOT believe I found them up north in Pennsylvania — in such a random place, nonetheless. I texted my manager immediately. $0.99 for these babies… typically closer to $2 each. What a steal!

Sweets and Beets

I had the most amazing long weekend at home. Seeing my friends and family truly made my birthday/Memorial Day weekend one of the best yet. I’ll be posting a full recap soon!

But for now, tell me:

  • What’s the best deal you’ve gotten lately on a health food item?
  • Would you eat something past its expiration date?

6 thoughts on “See It to Believe It: Best Deals Ever

  1. Lucky you! I never find those things on sale for more than like a dollar off.

    I definitely eat some things past their expiration date, although my old food safety management professor would be horrified if she knew that haha


  2. there is literally nothing better than getting discounts on your favorite food!! i used to have a great place back in vancouver where i could find all my fav things at a reasonable price. unfortunately in toronto i have yet to find that store. i’ll have to keep looking!!


  3. Why did I never know of this fabulous discount grocery store?! 😉

    I typically ignore dates on a label – doesn’t bother me! However, I DO have friend who live by the date on the label. Past even the “best buy” date? Toss! I think that’s so weird, but to each, their own!


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