Unboxed: My Foodie Swap Box

If you’re an avid health food blog reader, you may know my friend Georgie from In It 4 the Long Run. Not only is she the Community Manager for Bai, but she runs a personal blog that always has the most gorgeous food photography, and delicious vegetarian-friendly recipes.

Georgie was awesome enough to start a group of like-minded bloggers called Bloggers Gonna Blog. It’s been a really fun resource & great way to get to know new bloggers!

A few weeks ago, Georgie suggested a Foodie Snack Swap idea. Um, obviously I was in. Everyone in the group was randomly assigned another blogger to send a box full of goodies to.

foodie swap

My swap buddy was Christina of The Blissful Balance. Christina’s blog is another awesome resource for healthy recipes (avocado fries, 5 ingredient cookies, psychedelic swirl peanut butter brownies?!), as well as lifestyle things like fashion and travel. She’s great at talking about what balance means to her .. and I’m all about that!

When I opened my box, I was ELATED. It’s so cool how I basically got a present from an almost-total stranger, but she was able to know just what I like! 🙂 Thanks, Christina. I’m still working my way through your goodies!

Chia Bars

I have always wanted to try these! At 100 calories, 5g sugar and 4g fiber, these are a perfect little snack. Christina sent me Chocolate Peanut Butter, Banana, Acai Berry, and Mango flavors. Chocolate Peanut Butter was my fave so far! The texture reminded me a bit of a fruit leather.

Justin’s Nut Butters

A classic! Right away, I opened up the Chocolate Hazelnut flavor – a big treat for me. It’s basically nutella, so I’m not gonna not eat it with a banana. I also love the Maple Almond Butter & Honey Almond Butter, which I received in my box. I stashed these at my desk for random snack-attacks.

Dickinson’s Country Apple Butter

Christina noticed that I make toast for breakfast a lot. Like, 4x a week a lot. So to switch up my routine, Christina sent me some apple butter! I’m excited to crack this open — I think it will go well with my Trader Joe’s fig butter. : )

Madecasse Salted Almond Madagascar Dark Chocolate

This chocolate bar has been my savior at work. Christina, it didn’t melt! : ) I love a good quality dark chocolate bar, and this particular one is made with fair trade, heirloom cocoa. A chocolate bar that you can feel good about eating is right on in my book. =)

Sweets and Beets

I loved being a part of the Foodie Swap. I was able to try a few new things and enjoy some favorites. Thanks so much for my box, Christina! And thank you for organizing it, Georgie!


5 thoughts on “Unboxed: My Foodie Swap Box

  1. You can really never go wrong with chocolate! That bar looks so good. Whenever I go to Whole Food’s I always want to try a new chocolate but I’m too paralyzed by the choices (which is why having other people buy you snacks is amazing)
    Also Justin’s FTW ❤
    Have a fantastic weekend Emily


  2. That is SUCH a cool idea and what a great box of stuffs! I LOVE apple butter, there’s a pancake house in New Hampshire that has their own homemade brand and I would go there JUST to eat it. Enjoy!


  3. Oh, girl did well! I LOVE that apple butter! Plus your sweet little TJ’s fig butter shout out 😉 Your post also inspired to me scour Scranton Wegman’s in search of those Chia bars. Actually freakin’ found them! Trying tomorrow.


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