Trader Joe’s Grand Opening in Downtown Austin

Last Friday, a new Trader Joe’s opened up in downtown Austin. Insert party emoji here.


It’s a block or two away from Whole Foods headquarters (conveeeeenient!), adding to the list of places that I frequent on that block.

Nearby, you can also find Waterloo Records, Book People, Free People, Anthropologie, Lush cosmetics, Lululemon, and more. Basically, the block of 6th and Lamar is mecca.

On Trader Joe’s opening day, I obviously had to stop in and check it out.


It’s a bit bigger than the existing TJ’s, and has some cute Texas-y touches.


An employee told me that corporate didn’t do much advertising for the Grand Opening, but I’m pretty confident that it will take care of itself. Although Whole Foods is based here, Austin

And of course, this was my favorite part:

Matthew McConaughey Trader Joe's Austin

McConaughey represent!!

Matthew McConaughey lives here in town, and so you’ll see him represented pretty often on graffiti and stuff. His Dazed and Confused quotes are the most iconic here, since the movie was set & largely filmed here.

You can tell I geek out over this.

Matthew McConaughey street art

Creepy, but hey.

While I’m already a frequent visitor of the Trader Joe’s closer to my apartment, I can already tell I’m going to be a downtown TJ’s regular.

Austin’s 6th and Lamar area is a dangerous block, for sure. Goodbye, paycheck .. but hellooo, all-the-goodies. 😉

Sweets and BeetsYour Turn-

  • TJ’s, Whole Foods, or both? I’m an equal opportunity grocery shopper, myself.

5 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Grand Opening in Downtown Austin

  1. So awesome! I love TJ’s because it’s so great for pricing, but here in NYC the closest one is over 1.5 miles away (and across Central Park aka no subway) – and carrying groceries that far limits the price savings. Wish I had one so close!


  2. Oh man, lucky girl, lucky girl, lucky girl! Matthew McConaughey makes this even better! If finances weren’t in the picture, it would be an equal balance. But my student loan lifestyle had to say TJ’s! But nothing beats the Whole Foods takeout options + salad bar. NOTHING.


  3. All those stores next to each other? That sounds dangerous. TJ’s is a grocery game changer.
    I have very specific list of foods I NEED from TJ’s and NEED from Whole Food’s – guess that’s the life of a healthy food blogger 😉


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