Lollipops, Yoga, Burgers and Texas

Word vomit courtesy of me and Amanda (Running With Spoons)’s Thinking Out Loud link-up. Here goes:


1. If my pee isn’t clear by 12 pm, I feel like I’m failing. The struggle between drinking coffee & drinking water in the morning is real.

2. Given a bowl of Dum-Dum pops, I will always choose the mystery flavor. Because, you know, I’m a woman of adventure.

3. I wish there were an “undo” button for eating. Ctrl-Z! Ctrl-Z!

4. Parenthood Season 6 — Someone help me find it! I’m hooked. 😀


5. I’m an official Texan now… kind of. I finally got around to getting my Texas driver’s license! Plus, one of the most Texas guys I know called me a “Texan” the other day. Does that make it official?!

6. They’re building an In N’ Out Burger and a Shake Shack on my street. (!!!) South Austin residents with both an East Coast and West Coast background like me can rejoice. 🙂

IMG_5502 (1)

Spotted on South Lamar.

7. Booking flights is a game, but not a fun one. Enough said.

8. T-minus one week until my best friend arrives in town! Can’t wait to spend a long weekend with this lady.

me n soph

9. Rooftop yoga is back at Whole Foods, and I couldn’t be more excited. Practicing outside while the sun is setting is one of the coolest yoga experiences I’ve had.

10. Everybody’s all like, “A woman shouldn’t run for president,” but I’m just like, “Carlson Daly shouldn’t be on the Today Show. Amirite?! So weird.

That’s my end of the week brain dump. We’re almost to Friday, guys! Keep fighting the good fight. Talk soon!

Sweets and Beets

Your Turn-

  • What burger joint do you hold near and dear?
  • Current Netflix binge?

6 thoughts on “Lollipops, Yoga, Burgers and Texas

  1. I so agree with your thoughts mystery dum-dums and on Carson Daly lol.

    I feel really bad saying what I’ve been binge watching on Netflix over here in Scotland, because I don’t think it’ll ever be available in the states 😦 It’s called Friday Night Dinner and it’s literally the funniest show I’ve ever watched. Ever.


  2. I feel the need to comment on everything. I totally feel like I need to get my shit together when it’s noon and my pee isn’t clear. I just finished season 1 of the Blacklist and need a way to watch season 2. I’ve heard Parenthood is really good! Yoga + sunset + Whole Foods = my dream.


  3. Oh yes, there SHOULD be an “undo” button for eating. For sure. For those moments when you think a bite of food will be particularly delicious and then FAIL. I pick mystery flavor most of the time too when it comes to Dum Dums! Either that or butterscotch.


  4. I love 2! You’re so cute! …and my current Netflix binge/ obsession is New Girl!! Seriously… Can’t stop. Won’t stop! 🙂


  5. Oh yea, booking flights is quite a game! Sometimes I come out victorious, and other times it is not cool at all to pay $200 more than I spotted my tix for a few weeks before. Haha. And I love Parenthood – such a good show, and I was sad when it ended!


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