Texas VegFest and My First Days Post-Vegan

If last weekend was productive and rejuvenating, this past weekend was absolutely the opposite. But hey – we all preach balance, right?! ; )

After finally rolling out of bed at 2 PM (!!!!!!!!) on Saturday, I was alive enough to see the light of day. I made my way downtown to check out an event I had been looking forward to — Texas VegFest.

Texas VegFest

VegFest is a celebration of all things vegetarian and vegan. All of the major veg food trucks, restaurants and grocers from Austin come together with speakers, brands, and advocacy groups from all over.

Curelty Free Cuisine The Vegan Yacht food truck - Austin TX

The Vegan Yacht food truck – Austin TX

It was a fun event — sort of a cross between a flea market and a festival. It seemed fitting for my last day as a “vegan!”

A little veganism never hurt anybody

Speaking of going veg, Easter Sunday was my first day eating meat again. I spent Easter with my cousins in Houston and some Pennsylvania cousins who had driven down. It was nice to spend the day with some familiar faces! 🙂

I wasn’t super comfortable taking pics at dinner, but here’s what I enjoyed on Easter Sunday, without having to think about ingredients or labels.

Breakfast: Overnight oats before 7:30 AM church. No time to spare!

Pre-Roadtrip: 1-2 pieces of Ambitious Kitchen’s healthy carrot cake banana bread. Highly recommended. I replaced the brown sugar with coconut sugar, and it tasted great to me.

En Route: 1/2 KIND bar and a McDonald’s coffee. Glamorous!

Pre-Dinner: A few pieces of smoked kielbasa from a place back home. Traditional and delicious!

Dinner: Gluten-free gnocchi, 1 meatball, homemade sauce, asparagus salad with hard boiled egg and bacon.

Dessert: 1 piece of triple layer gluten free coconut cake with raspberry jam filling (amazing!), 1 bourbon ball from my cousins’ roadtrip.

Easter Treat: A chocolate bunny from a candy shop back home (thanks Mom!). Why do they call these two servings?! Be real.

Source: gertrudehawkchocolates.com

Since Easter, I’ve cooked grilled salmon and Trader Joe’s andouille chicken sausage. That’s it on the meat/fish front. It’s also been a lot of veggies in the form of salads and sides.

avocado toast

I’m also excited to ramp up my lean protein intake, especially at dinner. Hello, tilapia, salmon, chicken breast, and eggs. Back to basics, ya’ll!

Sweets and Beets

Your Turn-

  •  Is a chocolate bunny 1 or 2 servings? (Justify my actions, guys. Hehe)
  • Have you ever attended a food-related festival?

6 thoughts on “Texas VegFest and My First Days Post-Vegan

  1. Holy beautiful toast. I need that thing in my life (well, my mouth’s life).
    I went to the London Coffee Festival and it was probably the best day of my life. So much coffee and chocolate and London.


  2. That festival looks awesome, I bet there was a ton of different and yummy flavor combinations. The only cool festival I have gone to was a rhubarb festival we had rhubarb brats, salsa, and of course rhubarb crisp with cinnamon ice cream. It was pretty small but super fun. Also, I need your motivation to amp up the veggies in my life, the candy is just too darn tempting.


  3. That festival sounds amazing, it’s so great that there are things like that in unexpected places (although I guess Austin does have a reputation for progressiveness!) And chocolate bunnies…I mean, the ears are their own serving but the rest of the bunny is a side to that serving?


  4. You weren’t kidding that I could have joined your Easter dinner 🙂 All those GF foods sound awesome. Wait I think it’s so funny/odd that there was a VegFest on your last day of being Vegan. You planned that too well!


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