Best Week Ever Part 1: A Surprise Trip Home

Oh, hey, blog. It’s been a hot sec.

The reason why I’ve been so MIA is because I had the best week ever. 

Last week, work gave me the opportunity to fly home to Pennsylvania for 2 days! We have a client in my hometown that we needed to meet with, so my coworker and I hopped on a plane to the Northeast.


do you love this high-quality Snapchat pic?

I didn’t say anything because I was planning to surprise my parents & friends. Keeping it quiet was killing me! I kept feeling like I was going to let the secret slip.

My parents weren’t home when I got in to town, so I let myself into the house and was sitting on the couch when they got home. Needless to say, they were in shock. I kept saying, “Everything’s okay! Don’t have a heart attack!” Haha.


Home sweet home!

Though I’ll be traveling home again next month for Memorial Day Weekend, it was so, so great to spend some time at home.

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Lollipops, Yoga, Burgers and Texas

Word vomit courtesy of me and Amanda (Running With Spoons)’s Thinking Out Loud link-up. Here goes:


1. If my pee isn’t clear by 12 pm, I feel like I’m failing. The struggle between drinking coffee & drinking water in the morning is real.

2. Given a bowl of Dum-Dum pops, I will always choose the mystery flavor. Because, you know, I’m a woman of adventure.

3. I wish there were an “undo” button for eating. Ctrl-Z! Ctrl-Z!

4. Parenthood Season 6 — Someone help me find it! I’m hooked. 😀


5. I’m an official Texan now… kind of. I finally got around to getting my Texas driver’s license! Plus, one of the most Texas guys I know called me a “Texan” the other day. Does that make it official?!

6. They’re building an In N’ Out Burger and a Shake Shack on my street. (!!!) South Austin residents with both an East Coast and West Coast background like me can rejoice. 🙂

IMG_5502 (1)

Spotted on South Lamar.

7. Booking flights is a game, but not a fun one. Enough said.

8. T-minus one week until my best friend arrives in town! Can’t wait to spend a long weekend with this lady.

me n soph

9. Rooftop yoga is back at Whole Foods, and I couldn’t be more excited. Practicing outside while the sun is setting is one of the coolest yoga experiences I’ve had.

10. Everybody’s all like, “A woman shouldn’t run for president,” but I’m just like, “Carlson Daly shouldn’t be on the Today Show. Amirite?! So weird.

That’s my end of the week brain dump. We’re almost to Friday, guys! Keep fighting the good fight. Talk soon!

Sweets and Beets

Your Turn-

  • What burger joint do you hold near and dear?
  • Current Netflix binge?

Marvelous Monday ~ Simple Pleasures

Coming off of a busy, sunny, reflective sort of weekend, I realized I’m in a strange period in my life.

Basically just starting out on my own, I make tons of mistakes (but I hope I learn from them). I second guess everything. I ask for advice. When it comes to mostly everything, I’m figuring it out as I go.

In some ways, I’m a different person than I was a year, two years, five years ago.

But one thing I hope I always carry with me is the ability to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. They are what makes life marvelous.

IMG_5622Marvelous is… dog sitting this little one. I was watching Stevie while my friend Casey was out of town. She was a riot! She followed me around everywhere, making herself more than comfortable in my bed, car, etc.

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Texas VegFest and My First Days Post-Vegan

If last weekend was productive and rejuvenating, this past weekend was absolutely the opposite. But hey – we all preach balance, right?! ; )

After finally rolling out of bed at 2 PM (!!!!!!!!) on Saturday, I was alive enough to see the light of day. I made my way downtown to check out an event I had been looking forward to — Texas VegFest.

Texas VegFest

VegFest is a celebration of all things vegetarian and vegan. All of the major veg food trucks, restaurants and grocers from Austin come together with speakers, brands, and advocacy groups from all over.

Curelty Free Cuisine The Vegan Yacht food truck - Austin TX

The Vegan Yacht food truck – Austin TX

It was a fun event — sort of a cross between a flea market and a festival. It seemed fitting for my last day as a “vegan!”

A little veganism never hurt anybody

Speaking of going veg, Easter Sunday was my first day eating meat again. I spent Easter with my cousins in Houston and some Pennsylvania cousins who had driven down. It was nice to spend the day with some familiar faces! 🙂

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The Verdict on Vegan

Can you believe it’s already almost Easter? For those who celebrate, that means Lent is almost over. This year, I decided to try a Vegan Challenge for Lent.


For the first few weeks, I ate a vegan diet about 95% of the time. I allowed myself 1 day a week to consume foods that may have been made with dairy or eggs. I cooked entirely vegan.

With about two weeks left in Lent, I decided to make a change. I re-introduced yogurt, whey and eggs because I felt I wasn’t getting enough lean protein. I have remained meat & fish-free all Lent long.

Was it hard? Surprisingly, no! Going vegan was definitely not without its challenges, but I was surprised at how easy it was for me. I’ve highlighted some more details below.


The board at Green Vegetarian Cuisine in San Antonio. Who knew?!

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