Why I Returned My FitBit (And What I Bought Instead)

You know the running joke that no one can enter Target without coming out with 5,000 impulse purchases?

Yeah, try living within walking distance of a Target. It’s a blessing and a curse, my friends.

On Monday, something inspired me to buy a FitBit. Maybe it’s the way my clothes are fitting… maybe it’s my sedentary desk job… or maybe it’s something in the air during SXSW. But I had been seeing and hearing about FitBits galore, so I went for it.


I opted for the Flex, which is one of the more common models I’ve been seeing. Granted, I didn’t do much research on fitness trackers before Target lured me in. So I guess I wasn’t really sure what I should expect.

By nature, I’m not very tech-savvy. I consider myself a ‘late adopter’ (marketing nerd!). I will say that the FitBit was very easy to set up and sync with both my phone and laptop.

6 active minutes? Wrong.

I was looking for something that would track my activity and help me get an idea of calories in vs. out. What I found was that the FitBit was great for tracking steps — and not much else.

I fully admit that it could have been user error, but the FitBit did not know when I was working out. It would know if I was walking or jogging, but it didn’t recognize my HIIT or strength workouts from Monday & Tuesday. Bummer!

I also found it challenging to log my food. There’s an extensive database, but most of the food that I eat is not packaged with predetermined nutrition facts. I gave up logging food right away.

fitbit screencap

All in all, I realized the FitBit Flex wasn’t right for me. Which is just fine, as far as my bank account is concerned. : )

I returned it yesterday, and emerged victoriously with this dress, this dress, two workout shirts ($2.57 each!), 3 nail polishes, whitening mouth wash, eye makeup remover, some groceries, fabric softener, and more. See? Who says impulse purchases can’t be practical?!

Sweets and Beets

Your Turn-

  • Do you use a fitness tracker? General thoughts?
  • Best Target impulse purchase you’ve made lately?

4 thoughts on “Why I Returned My FitBit (And What I Bought Instead)

  1. You know my take on Fitbit! We’ll see how it goes as the weather transitions. As far as Target…. girl, I’d be broke if I lived within walking distance! You’re totally right – Target is great for impulse spending. I can’t pass up the clothes / sleepwear section. And some of their Archer Farm products are spot on!


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