Thinking Out Loud~

Oh my gosh, it’s Friday Eve. I’m so thankful because I’m beyond ready for a weekend!

It’s also South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, and while I don’t have a wristband or anything, there are some free events going on that I’m excited to check out. But back to the task at hand … rambling!

Thanks to Amanda @ Running with Spoons for hosting one of my favorite linkups where I don’t have to organize my thoughts. My brain stopped working a long time ago anyways.


1. I never want to wish time away, but I’m so ready for March to be over. March was always kind of a poopy month, other than the beginning of Spring. To me it’s just cold and too transitional. No good holidays, either — sorry, St. Patrick.

2. But May is going to be amazing! I’ve got the Dave Matthews concert, Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta, and a super-long birthday weekend at home to look forward to. Yay for May! 🙂

3. “The deep end is where you prove to yourself that you can swim.” This is a quote that I’ve been telling myself so much lately — particularly in a work context. I first saw the quote on a Free People graphic.

Post image for Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of December 15–21

4. I’m excited to get back on my yoga mat. Free classes on the Whole Foods roof should be starting up again soon, and that’s my favorite thing ever.

5. Sooo, I quit my Blogilates challenge with 1 week left. But no regrets. I wasn’t getting what I wanted out of it, and now I’ve cleared up my schedule to work out more efficiently. Back on my HIIT & strength training game!

6. I feel like a new woman. I got my eyebrows done today, and I’m getting my hair cut tonight. I’m so groomed.

7. CCK’s protein black bean brownies are my life. With the addition of my food processor, I can see these being a weekly occurrence in my food prep. Soo fudgy and good, but she’s right – you need the choco chips. ; )

8. After last weekend, Expo West is so on my bucket list. I’d love to go one day! Did anyone get to go?

Sweets and Beets

Your Turn-

  • Anything you’re looking forward to in the next few months?
  • Are you judging me for quitting the Blogilates April Abs challenge? ; ) At least my veganism is still going strong!

14 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud~

  1. Looking forward to:
    – Taking my boyfriend to a coffee and dessert pairing event for his bday on Sunday! (St. Patty’s day is his actual birthday)
    – Zac Brown Band concert in June – pending the tickets that go on sale tomorrow (also part of the birthday boy’s gift!)
    – Summer and sunshine – it’s been too long!

    And nope, definitely not judging you! I quit insanity max 30 with less 2 weeks left and wrote a post about it. Gotta do what your body wants!

    Loving that quote. I think it’s time to put my food processor to use!


    • Hey Katie! I think having a birthday (or a loved one’s birthday) in March would definitely make it better, so that’s something to look forward to! : ) Same with sunshine, concerts, and the return of spring/summer on the horizon. Right there with you!

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  2. I am so ready for March to be over! I HATE march and the 17th is the worst day for me…I’m dreading it :/
    Yoga on a Whole Foods roof!? Omg! Can I come?
    I am so jealous of everyone who got to go to Expo West! I’m hoping I can tag along with the company I work with (Plant Fusion) for Expo East is Baltimore this September!


    • Right? So glad I’m not the only one who feels that way! Haha.. yoga on the Whole Foods roof is part of the perks of living in Austin 🙂 so much goes on at the WFM Headquarters, I love it! Ooh Expo East sounds just as fun!


  3. Getting a chance to go to ExpoWest is on my bucket list for sure! I was scrolling through photos on instagram with #expowest and my jealousy was rising…haha. May is my favorite month! It’s my birthday month, Mother’s Day month, and also when I will be married on May 13, 2017. I think my fiance and I are making a visit to Austin again this May near the beginning of the month if we can…I can’t wait to be back for the second time.


  4. March has never been my favorite month, so I’m ready to move on, too! I just got my eyebrows done yesterday and I said the SAME thing!!! Makes a huge difference in my opinion haha. Also, let’s plan to go to Expo West/East together one day. I was so jealous of everyone’s posts.


    • Right? So glad I’m not the only one! Hahah and yessss, I’m always in denial that I need my brows done, until I actually get them done .. then I’m like, oh man – I really needed that. Haha. That would be amazzinggg! I think we should tag along with Georgie if she ever gets to go with Bai ; ) ; )


  5. You already know how jealous I am that you’re going to Shaky Knees. AND Dave Matthews?!!?! I’ve seen him twice – so gooooood! And hey – no judgements for quitting Blogilates April Abs. At the beginning of March I started her March calendar and quit after one week. I enjoyed some of the workouts, but her newer videos kind of irk me. And like you said, now more free time for workouts that we can more enjoy 🙂


  6. OH MY GOSH are you going to Shaky Knees for real?! I’ve gone the past 2 years and am currently trying to decide whether to go again. I’ll have to keep you updated!


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