I’m Going to Process Evvvverything

So, I finally invested in a food processor. And it’s a game changer.

Homemade hummus, black bean protein brownies & energy bites for lunch

Homemade hummus, black bean protein brownies & energy bites

After a bit of shopping around, I ordered this Black and Decker 8-cup food processor for $26 via Amazon Prime. Can’t beat that deal!

Before, I had been using a Magic Bullet to make smoothies and things. While it served its purpose for a lot of things, I never had much luck using it as thoroughly as the commercials claimed. And after seeing tons of recipes that called for a good old fashioned food processor, I knew it was time.

In the span of 24-hours, I’ve already made:

Vegan pizza with cauliflower/chia crust, kale, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and soy cheese.

Vegan pizza with cauliflower/chia crust, kale, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and soy cheese.

Next up on my list is Liz (I Heart Vegetables)’s vegan Nut Meatballs and Zucchini Noodles. Anything that’s vegan and incorporates both of my current favorite kitchen gadgets is bound to make its way into my kitchen.

Speaking of which, my other must-have kitchen gadgets include:

    • Spiralizer – because, hellooooo, zoodles!
    • George Forman grill – because everything is better in panini form.
    • Small plates and bowls – because you feel like you’re getting more food when you use a smaller plate. It works!
    • Ramekins – because baked oatmeal.
    • Toaster oven – because when you’re a) single, and b) living in 105 degree temperatures, you don’t always want to turn the oven on.

… Guys, I’m on a roll. I’m going to process everything. Then when I’m done, I’m going to bake it, spiralize it, press it into a panini, and eat it off a small plate. And I’m going to be the happiest girl in the world! ; )

Sweets and Beets

Your Turn-

  • What’s your favorite food processor recipe?
  • Other favorite kitchen gadgets?

12 thoughts on “I’m Going to Process Evvvverything

  1. Haha! You are definitely on a roll! That vegan pizza sounds and looks delicious! I am old fashioned with this one by saying I love my toaster. Toasted bread has to be one of my favorite things and what you put on top….well…there are no words for that! 😉


  2. Such an awesome Amazon Prime buy! A food processor changes lives, that’s for sure – you just opened up a brand new door of recipes to try! Have fun, Emily!


  3. Hahah YES! Aren’t they magical?! I didn’t understand the hype until I got one in my hands.

    For almond butter I suggest roasting the almonds yourself first, I find that it adds a great flavor and it doesn’t take quite as long (still a really long time thought)

    Sunflower seed butter is SO easy though! Takes like 5 minutes tops.


  4. YES, I use my food processor every single day! I actually forced my mom to get one because she had never had one before, and I insisted that it’s one of those things that once you have it, you wonder how you lived without it. Am I right?! Haha. My favorite food processor creation is the berry protein sorbet I often make after a workout or for lunch!


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