My Vegan + Blogilates Check-In

So I’m officially 1 week into my Lenten vegan challenge, and 2 weeks into the Blogilates ‘April Abs’ calendar.


I thought this would be a good time to check in & recap how each one is making me feel. I must say — I’m a bit surprised!

1 Week Vegan Check-In:

  • I never feel overly full. After a meal, I feel noticeably good. Satisfied, not stuffed.
  • Okay… there are such poor protein bar options for vegans! I’m still looking for a vegan protein bar that is not soy based (pea or hemp protein would be great) and low sugar. Any suggestions? Or recipes?!

    Pro Base Bar

    Though it was tasty, this guy hurt my belly! : ( Can’t do soy isolate.

  • I know I’m late to the party, but I’m finally aboard the Vega nutrition/protein powder train! I tried individual packets of the Vanilla Chai and Coconut Almond flavors before investing in a tub of the natural flavor from TJ Maxx. Before, I had found all vegan protein powders to be pretty “meh,” but I looove the flavor & nutritional profile of these.

    vega one plant based protein

  • The only time I felt like I was missing out was Saturday. A friend & I won tickets to an event that was showcasing different BBQ restaurants around town. Free BBQ, and I missed it! Check out this brisket chocolate chip cookie. I mean, what?!

  • As predicted, protein has been the biggest challenge – especially for snacks. I find myself defaulting to fruit as a snack.
  • I am choosing to do vegan 6 days a week, and vegetarian 1 day. On the vegetarian day, I’m not going to “seek out” things like eggs or dairy, but I will allow myself, ohhhh sayyyyy, a salted caramel pecan brownie. Not that I did that already. ; ) ; )
  • Overall, I feel good & this hasn’t been too hard at all!

2 Week Blogilates Check-In:

(In case you missed it, I committed to doing the April Abs calendar, even though it’s only February. I expressed some pros and cons to doing a specific workout plan, and my opinions have basically remained the same.)

  • Oh, Cassey… sometimes I mute you. But I definitely can’t discredit her perkiness and positivity!
  • I’ve been sore 2 or 3 times – mainly in my butt. No visible results yet in my abs/core.
  • The workouts are usually 45-60 minutes. It’s long, and some 15-minute HIIT workouts can get me WAY sweatier! These workouts sometimes feel like a “waste,” but I just try to remind myself that this is a different kind of workout than I’m used to.

    my progress on the Blogilates April Abs calendar

    Stickers help. =)

  • Cassey suggests you supplement the workout videos with additional cardio. I understand why, but I’m already dedicating an hour to her workouts, and honestly just don’t want to have to run (etc.) as well.
  • It also really upset me when Cassey suggests eating no fruit after 2pm. Any diet that wants you to limit fruit seems pretty messed up in my book. Fruit is not what makes us fat.

Overall, veganism is going great! The calendar is going okay. This week, I’m incorporating more HIIT workouts on top of the calendar. I don’t love pulling two-a-days, but I feel good when I can work up a sweat! =)

Sweets and Beets Your Turn-

  • What’s one workout, protein bar, or protein powder you’re loving lately?
  • Would you eat a brisket cookie?!

21 thoughts on “My Vegan + Blogilates Check-In

  1. Can we talk Cassey for a minute? I used to really like her! Back in dorm life my roommates and I would do her workouts and really enjoy it – they can be super “pop-y” and fun and she’s definitely very motivating. Doing them alone, however, is a different story. You’re right – some of her workouts are pretty long and going it alone can be draining on top of having to look for some source of cardio. In the last year I’ve been doing less and less of her videos and more and more of others. But, I DO admire her creativity. She has some really catchy (and enticing) video names!


      • I actually really like the girls from the Tone It Up series. At first I was so-so, but they’ve really grown on me! Cheesy, but I really enjoyed their ‘Love Your Body’ series 🙂 And my FAV right now (strictly yoga) is Yoga with Adriene. Sometimes I feel like YouTube yogis come off as so freakin’ pretentious, but I really love her personality and the way she instructs.


  2. emily go you!! I think doing vegan for lent is a huge challenge. I would be lost to find protein as well. I don’t do soy isolate either (stomach issues as well). Have you seen my single serve brownies? I could eat those everyday and they have like 25 grams of vegan protein. 🙂 let me know if you still struggle to find ways to get protein. I’ve been experimenting with vegan protein pancakes too. I’ll let you know! I think it’s fun to try new workouts so go you! I think you will probably learn some cool moves you’ve never done before and add them to your HIiTS later on. Yay for your challenge!


    • Thanks, Sam! I haven’t, but I definitely will! I’ve been looking into a few different homemade vegan protein bars and I’ll definitely put yours on my radar. As I said, I trust all your recpies & we have all the same tastes! 🙂 🙂


  3. I would crush a brisket cookie. Ugh. But I’m vegan for the week too, so maybe it’s my inner carnivore talking.

    I love your challenges. Although I’m not sure how you put up with the amount of bubbliness that is Blogilates, but it sounds awesome otherwise. 🙂


    • Haha Kay, it looked so good .. I seriously considered taking one home and putting it in the freezer until after Easter, but I didn’t quite go that far. ; ) How’s veganism going for you?! And I’m telling you – I just mute Cassey and put on Spotify. It works wonders!


    • Seriously!! I had never realized the lack .. ughhh a dairy free Quest bar would be amazinggg. I’m thinking about just making my own protein bars since I can’t find a good store-bought option. I’ll definitely post about them if I do!

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  4. I’ve tried some of Cassy’s challenges before, and they’re brutal! I can never get through an entire month of doing every single video. They’re all so intense, and doing a full hour of those exercises just doesn’t happen! Good luck finishing it out! I’ll be following along cheering you on 🙂


  5. Sounds like things are going really well! I believe vega has a bar as well. While they aren’t too high in protein kind has some bars with 5-10g of pea protein.
    Also so pumped you love Vega! The coconut almond is probably my favorite. I made an almond joy smoothie with it the other day and wow… did not disappoint.


    • I’ll have to check out the Vega bars! Otherwise I think I’m just going to have to explore making my own protein bars. But that was the whole point in doing this challenge, so I’m looking forward to experimenting! 🙂

      Ahh I liked the Chai flavor better than the coconut almond .. it tasted kinda artificial to me ;( however I did finally make a smoothie (bowl) that you would have been proud of!


  6. No. Way. I have so much respect that you gave up that BBQ event for Veganism.

    I’m getting anxious, I start Monday- Saying that, I’ve been loving making vegan treats which turn out good- I use a vegan protein powder which works out great- Definitely not Quest but definitely vegan haha!


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