WIAW – The Old and The New

Out with the old, in with the new. Well, okay… not all the old. Or all the new. Whatever – when it comes to food, I like what I like. =)

It’s What I Ate Wednesday! Easily the best day in the blog world. Not that we don’t always share all the good stuff we eat. But Wednesday’s a whole day dedicated to it.

wiawThis week I’m sharing a variety of breakfasts, lunches & dinners. Some old, some new. What I’m nottttt showing you is the dozens of quest bars, spoonfuls of peanut butter, glasses of wine and handfuls of dark chocolate chips I also ate over the course of the week. Whatever, I ain’t perfect.

But hopefully I’ll be getting where I need to be with help from Blogilates. I’ll be sure to track my progress here. Now, on to the good stuff.


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Sweet potato pancakes on Saturday morning. Ummmm – yes.


Overnight oats are nothing new to me, but this flavor combo was!

I broke out of my little breakfast routine with these cinnamon vanilla almond overnight oats. I made them with cinnamon swirl Cellucor protein, chia seeds, cashew milk, sliced bananas, sliced almonds, cinnamon Quaker Oatmeal Squares and 1/2 a broken up Vanilla Almond Oatmega Bar (my review of them here).

 PS — 3 new flavors of Oatmega coming soon — can’t wait!



Something exciting happened last week. Our office snacks got upgraded! I chatted with our CFO to suggest some healthier office snacks — fruit, mixed nuts and granola bars. They are a huge improvement from the candy & chips we used to get.


My mid-morning snack is almost always plain Greek yogurt with fruit. Siggi’s on sale at Whole Foods was a big treat! I topped this one with blueberries & gojis while I took a mini break to browse penny loafers on Pinterest. I need. ;]


Monday lunch on the porch – so thankful I can come home for lunch some days. This was a turkey, avocado & tomato panini on sprouted whole wheat toast.


Tuesday’s lunch was a different variation on the same thing, but this time in a La Tortilla Factory low carb tortilla. I also added kale and pesto, and had a mozzarella string cheese on the side.


IMG_4971A very go-to dinner for me. Tilapia on the George Forman grill, roasted sweet potato & veggies.

IMG_5017Of course the warmest week of the winter is when I decided to make soup – haha! But the weather has been gorgeous, so I’m not complaining.

In the crockpot went low sodium vegetable broth, lentils, red bell peppers, frozen zucchini, red onion, kale, garlic, hot sauce, cayenne pepper, salt & pepper. The spiciness was on point.

Sweets and Beets

So, I’ll be making a mini announcement next WIAW. My meal recaps will be a bit different for a while thereafter… that’s all I’m saying!

Your Turn-

  • What’s one new food you tried this week? An oldie but a goodie?
  • Spill it — the foods you ate that you’d rather not publicize? ; )

16 thoughts on “WIAW – The Old and The New

  1. I am always up for the oldies! I am a habits girl what can I say!! I just love my yoghurt with PB, banana and sliced nuts for my evening snack. I think I am close to two months now having it every.single.night!
    Apart from that I am recently obsessed with goat cheese in all its forms and having it in cold pasta salads or melted on toast 😉


    • Well at least your habit is a healthy one! : ) It’s nice to have something to look forward to, right? Ahhh I just bought goat cheese last week but have yet to find very many uses for it. I need some inspiration!


  2. Way to get some new snacks in the office! We have unlimited chips/crackers here and well I never touch them. It would be so refreshing to have some healthier snacks but I just bring my own! Love that soup, looks amazing. Love that you used frozen veggies, isn’t that so helpful!! Great day of eats, can’t wait to hear your announcement!


    • Thanks, girl! They’re still not necessarily the healthiest, but they’re definitely a step up. I feel you — I still bring my own, but it’s nice to have some more options – especially for fruit. And I always have some frozen veggies on hand for cases like this. =)


  3. Ooo I think I know what your announcement is (does it have to do with that tweet?) Exciting stuff.
    That’s so awesome about healthy office snacks. At one of my internships we used to get the best apples. I probably saved $10 a week no joke!


    • Yep! Spoiler alert, haha ; ) oh man – at Anthro they would refill these huge bowls with a different fresh fruit every day. My coworkers and I would make it a daily thing to walk to the other building and get a piece at 2 – those were the good days : )


  4. Haha spill it: sooo we have a million scones left over from our wedding and I happen to be eating them way to often. Just pop them in the toaster oven and you have a warm goey, white chocolate raspberry deliciousness all up in your mouth! Also, your pesto wrap looks great!


    • Haha, thanks, Nicole! The cinnamon Cellucor is pretty good .. I don’t use it much in smoothies or anything, but it’s good for baking & pancakes and things like that. It’s honestly not very cinnamon-y, but rather just sweet. I’m a fan!


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