Never Too Soon for ‘April Abs’

I have mixed feelings about workout programs.

I like the idea of all my workouts being predetermined — it takes the planning out of the equation, putting it in the hands of experts. But on the other hand, I like the option to tweak my workout plan to whatever I’m feeling.

Also, I see the benefits of having an end goal (30, 60, 90, etc. days) and being motivated by results. However, I also think fitness is more than just a ‘fix’ and should be something you can sustain long term. Pros & cons, for sure.

While I’ve never done Insanity or T25 or anything intense, I’ve done Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and Ripped in 30. My results were okay – nothing crazy. I also followed a plan when I was training for my first half marathon, but that’s a bit different.


When I first moved to Austin in May, I didn’t have a gym membership. Instead, I followed Blogilates April Abs calendar, and was actually really loving my results.

To be honest, I’m not a huge Blogilates fan. Cassey seems super sweet, but her videos can get on my nerves — haha. Buuuut there’s no denying that she’s a great trainer.

So since the holidays & the winter have decided to leave me a souvenir in the form of some extra belly fat (haha), I’m refocusing my goals. Starting on Tuesday, I’m committing to the April Abs calendar again. Yes, starting in the middle of February. :’) Who says you have to follow the actual calendar?!

april 2014

The calendar requires an hour-long commitment per day. I’ll be working out in the morning, while keeping an open mind for running/walking/yoga in the evenings. I still plan to do Body Pump twice a week, which means doubling up on workouts some days.

In the next few days, I’ll also be talking about another commitment I’ll be making during Lent. I’ll keep you posted on that, as well as my ‘April Abs’ progress!

Your Turn-

  • Have you ever done a workout plan? Would you recommend or try one?
  • Thoughts on Blogilates? :0)

28 thoughts on “Never Too Soon for ‘April Abs’

  1. I have never really followed a workout plan. I have used some as guides but never strictly since I always end up doing my thing. I often find that I play a lot with my workouts. Blogilates was kind of where I started in health and fitness. When I found her she wasn’t that well known and her videos were more toned down. Now some of her videos are crazy!! I still keep up with her though since her enthusiasm is truly contagious! Kill those abs! 😉


  2. Even when I followed a marathon training plan I never stuck to it 100%. Things come up and you have to adjust! I majorly slack on core workouts so if you love any of the ones you complete let me know 🙂


  3. I’ve been liking workout programs more and more it seems over time as well. I’m actually doing 2 right now! One is a Fab Abs challenge from Love Sweat Fitness. It’s 14 days long. And the other is a Blogilates challenge for your booty. I like both. 🙂 I’ll definitely keep this April challenge in mind for future use. Thanks!


  4. Also (since you mentioned Austin), it’s still up in the air if I’m moving to Austin or the Dallas area this Summer…I REALLY am pulling for Austin because I loved the city when I spent a week there with my fiance in January. We shall see! Keep your fingers crossed for me! 😀


  5. I’ve never followed a workout plan before- at least not anyone else’s. Sometimes I’ll commit to doing abs 3-4x a week (which I try to always do)- sometimes it’s more sometimes it’s less, depends on how busy I am. And it’s never too soon for April Abs 🙂


  6. She is a little perky for me sometimes. But I definitely love her videos for the content.

    I wish I could add in another hour for amazing abs, but I’m totally swamped lately. Let me know how the calendar goes!


    • Perky.. to say the least, haha. It actually helps to curse at her when she starts ranting about her nails and stuff. You should try it : )

      I’ll let you know, for sure! I’m a little weary of setting aside my regular HIIT/treadmill/strength training workouts to sub in all of Cassey’s, but I am just going to trust that the calendar will cover all the major body parts in all the right ways! =)


  7. Hmm I definitely agree that programs can imply “fixing” versus training for life and that they sometimes promote fitness as a tool for attaining a certain “look” rather than the (in my own humble opinion) more satisfying effects like stress relief, empowerment, feeling like a bad ass
    BUT all that said I do totally see the appeal of structure and guidance that programs bring. It can be so damn confusing on your own. Plus there isn’t anything wrong with wanting to bring out the “best version of you” as long as you enjoy the other benefits of exercise

    Looking forward to following along!


    • I agree, Georgie! That’s a good point. I do like that this April Abs calendar includes days that are dedicated to legs/butt, cardio, and arms as well. It seemed like a fair balance to me, so I was sold. Even if I’m seeing it as a mini-fix, I know I can just go back to my regular routine next month : ) .. whatever that is, haha.


  8. I did a “plan” or I guess more of a challenge, which was like a 28 day cross fit-style workout. (Although I am NOT a cross fitter by any means, haha.) It was fun and I liked the consistency but I was starting to get a little bored by the end. I think I like to switch things up and do what I feel like, although it is nice to have someone push you!


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