Drinking Socially + Staying in Shape

In college, I was never a big drinker. Okay, fall semester of freshman year I got it out of my system – sorry, Mom.

Halloween of freshman year. I was a "lumberjack"

Halloween of freshman year. I was a “lumberjack..” good one.

I’d have a few drinks here and there, but more often than not, I’d be willing to be the designated driver. And even more often than that, I’d be content to stay in with my girlfriends and watch movies. What? Ithaca’s cold!

After college, I was the same way – a marg or glass of wine occasionally. To be honest, I was stingy with my “calories.” Drinking’s not super important to me, so I’d rather indulge on a dessert. Plus, drinking was a logistical challenge – how was I going to get home?

my 21st birthday.. so many free drinks! :')

my 21st birthday.. so many free drinks! :’)

Since moving to Austin, drinking socially has become more frequent in my life. A Happy Hour with coworkers, drinks with new friends, and going (alllll) out on the weekends are all top ways to get to know people.

At school & home, I had a core friend group that wouldn’t mind laying low on the weekends. But here, I’m way more apt to be a “yes girl.” Going out on Friday? I’m there! Roommate bonding over giant margaritas? Obviously.

Now, I don’t want to make excuses. I know that I don’t even have to order a drink when I go out. But honestly? I spent a long time holding myself back.

Here in Austin, there are TONS of bars, and therefore, tons of opportunities to be social. I don’t condone drinking and I’m certainly not a fan of how I feel on a morning after too many drinks. But I moved down here to step out of my comfort zone, right? Is it weird that I kind of don’t regret that?


So I guess this all circles back to the theme of balance. When I do decide to drink, I like to choose vodka & club soda — a “light” mixed drink, if you will. Plus I actually like the taste.

But I’m still figuring it all out …. can you be a social drinker without derailing your healthy lifestyle? If you drink every weekend, will you inevitably pack on the pounds? I’m not really sure, and I’m kind of afraid to find out.

I’d Love to Hear Your Thoughts-

  • Are/were you a social drinker in college? What about now?
  • Do you think you can be a social drinker and still stay in shape? (Tips are appreciated!)

9 thoughts on “Drinking Socially + Staying in Shape

  1. This is a great post and something I think about a lot. I’m not 21 yet but I don’t like drinking and haven’t gone “crazy” in college. I think, like you said, if everything balances out it’s not bad to be a social drinker. But when it comes time for me, I think wine will be my go-to. It’s the only thing I (kind of) like now!


    • Wow! I can’t believe you’ve only ever had one drink. Do you mind me asking why? : )

      I love what you said about less drinks on more nights, or less nights and more drinks. That’s such a great way to look at it! If I plan to go out on Friday and drink a few drinks, I don’t really need a margarita with dinner on Wednesday, for example. Good call!


      • Not at all! 😉 I have never been the “partying” girl and even when I had a girls night at home I never felt like there should be drinks involved. Apart from that I have tasted some alcohols and I just don’t like them. The only drink I like is cider which is practically apple juice 🙂 So I guess it isn’t something that happens to “call” me at least for now 🙂


  2. I drank probably more than I should have in college, and it definitely does mess with efforts to lead a healthy/fit life. But for me being healthy is more than just working out and eating well; it keeps me happy to go out with friends and have a wild time every once in a while :). But now most times I go out I stick to a drink or two (like a good beer)


  3. FYI. You look absolutely stunning in that mustached/high ball picture.

    I’m not a huge drinker, I probably have ~1 glass of wine a month. But looking at friends I think it’s definitely doable to drink (occasionally) and stay in shape. Do I think you can have 2 margs, and a few beer each weekend night and stay in shape, probably not. But a glass of wine occasionally, or the every other weekend gin and tonic I think is totally feasible.


    • Haha- thanks, girl! New Year’s was an occasion to get dolled up — I’ll take it ; ) Ahh it’s such a tricky balance, but it’s so not fair that a few drinks can totally offset all the hard work you might have done during the week. It’s not worth it!! haha


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