Sunshine, Shopping + So Much Kombucha

My long weekend definitely measured up to standards. Texas weather was absolutely beautiful this weekend – in the upper 60s and mid-70s. Being a northern girl, the sunshine most certainly did not go unappreciated by me.


On Saturday, some Ithaca College girls and I decided to get together and check out Ramen Tatsu-Ya, which is arguably Austin’s most ‘famous’ ramen restaurant. It’s funny – before moving here, I didn’t even know ramen restaurants were a thing. I’m picturing the $0.79 Maruchan ramen packets you see at the grocery store.

Ramen Tatsu-ya Austin

The ramen was a total game changer. After waiting in a line around the building for about 30 minutes, we were seated in the tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant and were seated. I totally drained my bowl.. a creamy, salty, noodley bowl of flavor. The soft boiled egg was the best part!

Sunday morning was my usual Corepower yoga class, followed by a mid-morning snack at Whole Foods. Second breakfast? Early lunch? Whatever you want to call it, I refueled with nonfat plain Greek yogurt, and a soup container filled with all my favorites – quinoa, kale, sweet potatoes, salmon, nuts and beets.

post-yoga snack of greek yogurt, sweet potatoes, salmon, quinoa, beets and nuts

I guess I was on a roll with eating out this weekend. After stopping at Trader Joe’s (yes, after Whole Foods, haha), I stopped in to My Fit Foods to use my $3 off a meal coupon. My Fit Foods is an Austin-based company that offers healthy meals and snacks to go (think food prep & tupperware), as well as a ’21 day challenge.’

my fit foods in austin texas

Although I was tempted by the salmon dishes, I wanted to pick up something I wouldn’t usually get for myself. I got ‘Fit Nuggets‘ — almond & flax crusted chicken — with green beans and a cauliflower mash. I was really happy with it! Next time I go back, I think I’ll try the salmon, gumbo or quinoa chili .. see if it inspires me to recreate it.

This weekend was also very heavy on kombucha consumption. I went hiking with a friend on Saturday, and bought the Guava flavor as a treat. That spurred a mini kombucha obsession – I couldn’t stop!

so much kombuchaMonday, my office was closed and I made the most of my day off. I slept in a bit, went to a 9:45 Body Pump class (new release review coming soon!), stopped at the grocery store, cleaned & wrapped up a few chores.

Then, I drove about 30 miles to the San Marcos Premium Outlets and Tanger Outlets. Yes, that’s TWO outlet malls for the price of one. It was an absolutely beautiful day to walk around outside, and I came home with some pretty sweet deals:

$40 Nikes, and $40 for two pairs of Vans. Yay for having kids' size feet!

I got new Nikes for $43! They’re soooo comfortable and look really cute. I’m very happy with them! I also scored two pairs of Vans low-tops for $43 … hooray for having kids’ sized feet! : ) : )

After the outlets, I prepped both lunch and dinner for the week and did a load of laundry. After a busy, productive and sunshine-filled weekend, it’s safe to say I slept like a BABY .. in my fresh, clean sheets.

Your Turn-

  • Have you ever eaten at a ramen restaurant?
  • What’s the best deal you’ve scored lately?

18 thoughts on “Sunshine, Shopping + So Much Kombucha

  1. I’ve never had Ramen at a restaurant! I actually think I’ve had it about once or twice in my life… both times at college freshman year! Hmm I scored some pretty good deals on Amazon using their coupons… I just discovered those while procrastinating the other day!
    Your food lately looks ridiculously amazing. I just ate lunch, and i STILL want to consume that whole foods early lunch/late breakfast bowl!


  2. I am so so jealous!! So far I think we are having the coldest week here….I just can’t!! I have had Guava ice cream before and it was delicious!! I have yet to try Body Pump, I really want to give it a go so I will wait anxiously for your review! πŸ˜‰


  3. Love love love Ramen. That place looks so good.

    Also fit nuggets sound amazing. I definitely need to work on my kombucha game though. I think my digestive system would be so much happier if I did. πŸ™‚ Love your weekend!


    • Ahhh it was awesome, definitely worth the wait. I bet they have some gourmet ramen up in SF too! Haha.. I go through phases of kombucha addiction. I always keep an eye out for the ones with no added sugar!


  4. I’ve never had ramen. Looks delish. I do the whole foods trader joes combo all the time. Your snack bar fill up is epic. So many good things there!!


  5. We are so on the same kombucha train. I needed some to get me through today! I have something similar to “My Fit Foods” in Tampa and I’m a frequent customer. Healthy grab-n-go options are the best.


    • Haha, I think your post a few weeks ago inspired me to get back on the kombucha train! Isn’t it so great to have a healthy on-the-go option? I think it would be expensive to go all the time, but it works in a pinch! πŸ™‚


  6. I love Kombucha! GTS is definitely my favorite brand so far. A couple weeks ago they were on sale at Whole Foods for $2! Obvi I stocked up.

    I’ve never been to a ramen restaurant but I know Momofuku in NYC is huge! Your meal looked so good #allabouttheeggs


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