Long Weekend Ahead — Friday Faves

We made it to Friday, guys. I wasn’t sure I was going to. ; ) Long weekend, I’m so ready for you!


Today I’m sharing some of my Friday Favorites.. things I’ve been loving this week. It’s the simple things, right?!


Barney’s ‘Bare’ Almond Butter, which I won in a giveaway from my girl Brittany @ Freckled Nettles. I finished off the jar  yesterday with these amazing overnight oats, but I miss it already! </3 I’m thinking a trip to the store is needed ASAP…


My Pennsylvania state necklace. I see so many Texas shaped ones, so I got my own! I love that I can wear a little piece of home at all times.

IMG_4484New makeup from Sephora & Birchbox. After Christmas, I stocked up on some new makeup – Urban Decay eyeliner, Laura Mercier concealer, Coastal Scents eyeshadow, and an Anastasia eyebrow pencil (sounds creepy but this is CLUTCH!). A lot of the time, the high end stuff is worth the investment.


Oatmega protein bars. Have you guys heard of Oatmega? They’re based here in Austin, and their bars have an awesome nutritional profile — 14g of grass-fed whey protein, 7g of fiber, and only 5g of sugar per bar! Brownie is my favorite flavor, but the chocolate mint is very Thin Mint-esque if that’s your thang.


Coffee by the fire at a local hangout. That’s what it’s all about! : ) I particularly love this place because they sell beer, coffee and tacos. Um, can’t beat that! I’m typically drinking my Americano while everyone else has a beer, and I love I can do that!


This quote. I can apply it to my career, my fitness goals, even my personal relationships. Love it!

Your Turn-

  • Would you wear a necklace with your state on it?
  • What’s your favorite nut butter or makeup product of the moment? : )

16 thoughts on “Long Weekend Ahead — Friday Faves

  1. I’d wear an Illinois necklace in California, but I wonder if people would realize what it was. Hahaha.

    Is Oatmega sold in stores? Sounds delicious, and I need to try some new bars anyways.


    • Haha, I know — I was worried about wearing mine backwards, and someone said “I don’t think anyone down here would know.” haha.

      Yesss, I get it at Whole Foods or our local grocery stores, but like I said, it’s based here in Austin. I wonder if it’s in SF.. you have to try, they’re so yummy! Have you heard of Live Kombucha Soda? It’s their sister company.


  2. At first I couldn’t say it was your state that you were wearing but I love it when jewelry is more than a beautiful stone or gem and has some deeper meaning!
    Right now I have been making my own cashew cinnamon butter and that is the only one I will have…I am obssesed!

    Have a great and long weekend!! Xx


    • It’s soo great – I prefer the ‘Bare’ one but got a great deal on the regular kind yesterday : ) It’s by far the creamiest and smoothest almond butter I’ve come across. Oatmega is great – I hope they make their way up to Canada soon – but keep an eye out for it in the Jers too!


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  4. Hi Emily! Great favorites! I like all of the almond butters from Trader Joe’s of course. It would be so hard for me to choose a state name, because even though I live in California, I’m a Florida girl at heart. Oh, and by the way, anything in front of a fire is better. I would LOVE to have a fireplace in my house. Hope your week is going well! 🙂


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