WIAW: The Taco That Stole the Show

Happy, Happy Wednesday! I sure do love it when the weekend comes back into sight.

Does anyone else have a long weekend coming up for MLK Day? I’m planning on driving out to the San Marcos Outlets – I’m on the hunt for a new pair of Nikes.

And although it’s still 4 months away, I was super excited about yesterday’s Dave Matthews Band tour dates announcement … kicking off the summer tour in Austin. I can’t waaaait!


Speaking of Austin things… does anyone else struggle when deciding where to eat? Like, there are so many amazing restaurants in Austin that I still want to try. But some days, I’m not gonna lie… I just want Chipotle, Whole Foods or Panera! What’s a girl to do?!

For ‘What I Ate Wednesday,’ I’m sharing one breakfast, one lunch, one dinner, and a snack from this week that took the spotlight. I resisted Chipotle for now, but it’s been a pretty even split of cooked-by-me vs. something I bought. I’ll take it!


#1 Breakfast


Oh.. my.. God, ya’ll. Did you see me post this on Instagram? It was a peanut butter, kabocha squash, banana, 1/2 chocolate chip cookie dough Quest bar and cinnamon panini on sprouted whole wheat bread.

I firmly believe everything is better in panini form.

#1 Lunch


Another typical lunch salad amid glamorous office lighting. This was mixed greens, tomatoes, carrots, sprouts, spiralized cucumber, kalamata olives, hemp seeds, hard boiled egg and beet hummus.

#1 Dinner
(Two tacos = Two pics. I make the rules!)

IMG_4591Beet Taco from Fork & Taco!!! I knew I had to order this. It was beets, avocado, grapefruit, pepitas, and a serrano-citrus crema. Amazing. This was definitely the taco that stole the show.


I also had the ‘Pulled Pork 5 Spice’ Taco, made with a soy maple crema, Asian slaw, and cilantro.

This restaurant also has an ahi tuna taco that I am dyinggg to try. Next time!

#1 Snack


I finally found it!!! S’mores Quest Bar. ❤

I kind of devoured it in the car before work, so I’m not sure that I got the “full effect,” haha. The new ingredients/texture of the bar is a bit different, but overall I definitely liked it! Cookies ‘n’ Cream is definitely still my favorite, though.

Like I said, I’m more than ready for this long weekend to come around. I don’t have any huge plans yet, but sometimes no plans are the best plans!

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Your Turn-

  • Have you gotten your hands on the S’mores Quest Bar yet? / What’s your favorite flavor?
  • Do you like to try new ‘foodie’ places, or stick to what you know?

10 thoughts on “WIAW: The Taco That Stole the Show

  1. This all looks so good. I’ve been craving Chipotle for like 3 weeks now, and those tacos look so yummy.

    My fave quest bar is probably the cookie dough, cookiesncreme OR the apple pie (warmed only. omg.) I did buy a couple s’mores at my nutrition center though, super excited to try them!

    I LOVE trying new places, but when I know what I want, I gotta have that exact thing or I’ll still crave it. Haha


  2. Those taco close ups are insane!!!! Its crazy how anything tastes good in a taco form 😉
    I definitely tend to stick with what I know and I like but I do push myself to try new places. I usually don’t regret them at all and I am able to add them to my favorites. However, no place has beaten Whole Foods yet! Ha!


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