Thinking Out Loud: Coconut Milk, Cheap Produce & the Chinese Buffet

Though I’ve been a fan forever, this is my first time joining the Thinking Out Loud party! It’s hosted by Amanda @ Running With Spoons, and is a perfect little almost-the-weekend brain dump. It speaks for itself! 🙂


1. Produce is so cheap in Texas. I just bought avocados, blackberries, apples and bananas for $3.65! I love love love Sprouts Farmers Market for this reason. Do you have Sprouts near you?

2. Cold isn’t really cold here. But you won’t hear me complaining! It hit 25 degrees last night, which is very cold for Texas. However, I’m used to sub-zero temperatures, so I’ll take this ‘cold’ any day!

3. It’s amazing what just 1 week of getting back on track will do. Like Kay said, getting back on track after New Year’s was less about “New Year, New Me!” and more about, “oh my God my body needs nutrients.” After a week of solid exercise, meal planning, and zero alcohol on the weekend, I already feel so much better.

4. Sometimes you just need to get your Chinese buffet on. My brother has been pestering me to go for months now, and last night I finally gave in. I forgot to take photos! But the buffet nearby had a pretty decent selection of sushi, spring rolls, pho, vermicelli, salads, salmon, and your classic battered-and-sauce-covered chicken dishes.

5. Kalamata olives were a great investment. Always a pleasure, Trader Joe.

6. “Ice Cream Meetings” are a thing, I guess? Someone asked me to go to a lunch meeting yesterday, but I already had one scheduled. So what did we do instead? Went for ice cream at 2:30 PM. Not questioning it!!

7. Because peppermint mocha lattes are so darn pricy … I’m pretty proud of this snag! : ) Another Sprouts purchase, baby!

Mint Chocolate Coconut Milk on clearance

Mint Chocolate Coconut Milk on clearance

Woohoo! It’s so freeing to just get my thoughts out there with no real structure or anything. Just what I needed today.

Your Turn-

  • What’s the best deal you’ve found lately at the grocery store?
  • Is it cold where you are? How are you surviving it?!
  • Ever been to an ice cream meeting? Some would do coffee, but I guess we’re non-traditional here. ; )

11 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Coconut Milk, Cheap Produce & the Chinese Buffet

  1. I am kinda happy we don’t have snow here because it is making this cold much more bearable! Waking up and getting out a bed when it is that cold is a major struggle! 😉 Ice-cream meetings sound so deliciously fun! I wonder if they will become the new coffee meeting. Ha!


  2. Woah. Maybe this is naive, but I always expected it to be warmer in Texas than in SF. But it’s a lovely 62 here lately. (Bad for skiing, good for t-shirts!)

    However, I totally need to shop at your grocery stores. I’m still on that peppermint high.

    Thanks for the shout out yo. 🙂


  3. This is my favorite link-up for the reasons you stated. It doesn’t get that cold here in Florida but we got into the 30s yesterday which sent everyone (including me) into hibernation haha.


  4. I totally agree with you, I feel so much better after eating super healthy all week.

    Southern Cali had its version of a cold front over New Year’s where it was in the 50s during the day and in the 40s at night. My family was visiting from NJ and my mom kept complaining how chilly she was. I kept saying, “You just wait until you get back to Jersey!” Sure enough it has been cold in the single digits there… and San Diego was 80 degrees the day they left! Oh Mother Nature 🙂


  5. Ahh yes it’s been so cold here lately and I am NOT a fan.. when my hair is wet and I go outside, i get icicles!! Fortunately today it’s been raining (and I’ve been inside), so it’s warming up a bit. As long as it doesn’t freeze over tonight and turn into ICE (that’s the most treacherous by far), I’m okay with the rain 🙂
    those are great deals with your produce!! Sometimes at home in Victoria they charge about 2$ per avocado… 😦 that’s a sad investment but so, so worth it still


  6. Now you’re making me jealous even more of Texas…But I AM for sure moving there this Summer (like, 99% sure) so I’m happy to be procuring some cheap produce soon as well! Arkansas is pretty cheap, but you guys had us beat on a few things I noticed. I also saw all of the Sprouts you had in Austin and I had never visited one before! I would just be happy for a Sprouts and Trader Joe’s AND Whole Foods in the same driving distance?! It would blow my mind. Now it’s between Plano and Austin at the moment…but I’m pulling for Austin. 🙂


  7. That chocolate coconut milk is SO good! 99 cents is a steal!

    The best deal I’ve found is almost always bananas for 19 cents at Trader Joe’s – can’t beat that. But nothing like your deals – that’s awesome.

    I’ve never been to an ice cream meeting but I would have no problem with that being the new “let’s grab coffee” – I’ll take cookie dough! Hehe


  8. That’s awesome that your produce is so cheap! It’s not bad here either but definitely not cheap-cheap haha. In terms of cold, yep Chicago is THE coldest this time of year. Luckily we’re not in the negatives anymore! The worst part is the wind though — that makes is 10x worse. I hate olives so I can’t support your investment but I respect your tastebuds 😉


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