‘Step It Up’ Superfood Salad

Let’s be honest. There are only so many days in a row that you can eat salad for lunch.


A typical lunchtime salad – base of lettuce, carrot, tomato, cucumber & celery.

Don’t get me wrong, I love bringing salads to work. I use it as an opportunity to get a ton of veggies in. I also like to get creative with different proteins (lentils, hard boiled eggs, hemp seeds, veggie burgers), fats (avocados, nuts, dressings) and root veggies (sweet potatoes, brussels, squash), etc. I can prep 5 of them on Sunday night and not have to think about a thing during the week, which is key.

However, if I’m going to go into this new year with a cleaned up diet, I need a lunch I’m going to be excited to eat. So in an effort to step it up and create a healthy lunch I’d look forward to, I made a new salad variation.

step it up superfood salad

I didn’t measure much, so I don’t have a recipe. But I’ll share the ingredients in case anyone gets inspired 🙂

  • quinoa (cooked with 1:1 low sodium vegetable broth & water)
  • chopped cooked sweet potato
  • baby kale
  • spiralized zucchini
  • shredded carrots
  • diced red onion
  • homemade dressing (orange juice, olive oil, cinnamon, chili powder, lime powder, salt, pepper)
  • ideas to mix it up for the week — kalamata olives, avocado, walnuts, dried cranberries, cilantro

I know this isn’t the most creative thing in the world, but I’m happy I branched out of my regular salad routine for the week. All I needed was a little motivation & imagination. It paid off!

Your Turn-

  • What are your lunches typically like?
  • What’s your favorite way to make a salad interesting?

8 thoughts on “‘Step It Up’ Superfood Salad

  1. Love it. I’m definitely trying to focus on salads in the New Year.

    I’ve been being lazy and just putting whatever work offers over a salad. So for example, yesterday I had roasted tomatoes and chickpeas, and some grilled bratwurst slices over a bed of spinach.

    I told this to a friend who was a chef, and he about died. So. Untraditional. Yes. But delicious. Also yes.

    Love your salad. 🙂


  2. Wahoo for the spiralizer! I just ate spiraled carrots and cucumber so that would be a great addition to the salad too. I like making quinoa with half water and half broth or coconut water. Gives it more flavor!


  3. I don’t know why people think salads are boring! Whatever you throw in a bowl that is mainly raw and cold is a salad for me and that is a very open definition!! I love adding crunch and sourness. I like to munch my food! 😉 But in the end I think it is the dressing that makes it for me. I have been playing with different oils and vinegars and the results are so so different!


    • Whenever I get lazy or don’t plan accordingly, that’s when my salads get boring :p if I don’t have enough interesting things to mix in, I get sick of ’em! Ah, you’ll have to share some of your most successful dressings .. I want to do better with making my own!


  4. Nice! I haven’t made quinoa in awhile but I love making salads like this. Lately my favorite has been a Mexican salad with a black bean burger, cheddar cheese & avocado. I also love to just do a simple olive oil + lemon juice + vinegar + sea salt dressing.


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