My Goals & Intentions for 2015

In the New Year, some people get really gung ho about improving themselves. Some are kind of nay-sayers. I like to think I fall somewhere in between.

I don’t feel that I’m “resolving” to make any major changes. However, I do like to use the New Year as a chance to set some intentions for myself — just as you can do on any Monday, or any 1st of the month, or heck .. any day, ever.

So this year, I’ve set some goals & intentions for 2015. Things I want to work on, try, explore. Here’s what made the list:

  • Maintain my healthy lifestyle. I can’t even blame it all on the holidays… I definitely let myself slip a little and am looking forward to getting back into a healthy, balanced routine.
  • Put my phone away in the car. So guilty! But now I’m doubly motivated to stay off my phone in the car, since Austin is a hands-free city as of January 1st. Notttt trying to get a $500 fine!
  • Do more crafts. And be an expert crafter by next Christmas, so I can make something really great for everyone’s presents.
  • Explore Austin more. I’ve lived in Austin for about 8 months now, and have a bunch of favorite spots. However, there is still so much of the city I still need to discover.


  • Re-do my resume & network. I like my full time job, but I don’t want to become complacent with my professional development.
  • Volunteer. I’d love to find an initiative in Austin that I’m really passionate about, and get involved on the weekends.

As cheesy as it is, I’m looking forward to some new adventures in 2015!


To my readers & new blog friends — thank you for following along with me in 2014. It’s been so lovely getting to know all of you & learning from you. Here’s to a happy, healthy 2015 for all of you!


19 thoughts on “My Goals & Intentions for 2015

  1. It’s not cheesy at all! I love the sense of excitement that New Years brings.
    I love your goal about volunteering and exploring your city! Austin seems like such a cool place – when I’m freezing my butt off in Boston I’ll be jealous of your adventures.

    So happy you started your blog!


    • Aw, thanks, Georgie! Haha.. it’s been chilly here too but I cannnot complain .. good luck in the Boston tundra!

      And thanks, I’m glad too! You’ve been a huge help and influence to me & my humble little blog, and I appreciate it! 🙂


  2. I’m with you on volunteering. I definitely need to find something I love doing.

    My biggest hurdle has been finding something that works with my schedule. 🙂 Good luck. Love your goals!


    • Thanks, Laura! Haha — I had actually never heard of her until you mentioned it, so thanks! I’m definitely going to follow her now. And I did see Shannan Penna here last week .. the inventor of Quest Bars. I was a bit starstruck! 😉 Happy New Year!


  3. Those are great goals/intentions. I plan to volunteer more and I might steal your goal of putting your phone away in the car. I am so guilty of that!


    • Haha, okay, well in my defense.. it’s not like I’m texting WHILE driving.. mostly red lights and stuff 🙂 and luckily my car has the system where I can talk hands-free 🙂 .. But yeah, I guess every state & city has their own laws?

      Thanks, Arman! =)


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