WIAW – Post-Christmas Catch Up

Happy New Year! I can’t believe another year has come and passed. I’m back in Texas and getting excited to ring in 2015 tonight, then get back in the zone and make 2015 a great year! What are your plans for tonight? : )

It’s been foreverever since I’ve done a WIAW post, and I have some catching up to do, so this will be perfect. I’m stretching all the way back to Christmas Day – seems like forever ago!

WHAT-I-ATE-WEDNESDAY-NEW-BUTTON-PEAS-AND-CRAYONSI can honestly say this was the first year I enjoyed all types of holiday food, in moderation, guilt-free. I tried balancing out richer meals with healthier breakfasts and workouts… I did the best I could!

I’m so ready to get back in a routine for 2015, though. Preaching to the choir, right? ; )

It’s catch-up time!


Christmas Dinner! My cousin Tommy did an awesome job hosting 20+ people for Christmas day. The food and the company were both wonderful. Needless to say, I cleaned this plate 🙂


My Aunt Joanne’s famous Italian Cream Cake. I actually didn’t have a piece, but this cake is the real deal!


Kielbasa Fest 2014. Do you guys know kielbasa?? My cousins bought some from every store in the area and had a little taste test. Kielbasa’s good, but this doesn’t tempt me too much … if it was Cookie Fest, I’d be there! ; )


On the morning of December 26th, I was still being holly & jolly with my new Christmas mug. It says, “Eat, Drink & Be Merry.”


One of my favorite places at home is our discount grocery store. I get the besssttt deals on healthy food finds! Unpictured – the best deal ever on Justin’s Honey Peanut Butter packets.


Who else got Quest Bars for Christmas?! I got a whole box of Cookies & Cream, my favorite flavor. I snacked on one on the plane back to Austin … and then I FREAKING SAW SHANNAN PENNA at the airport !!!! I wish I would have said hello!!


After a lonnnnng flight back to Austin, I needed to get some food in my belly. I went to Central Market, a grocery store nearby, and grabbed a soup container full of prepared salads & veggies, and the salmon burger & sweet potato fries I’ve been eyeing up for months.


My back-on-track Monday morning breakfast was sprouted wheat toast, TJ’s chia/flax peanut butter, banana, blackberry, hemp hearts, sliced almonds and cinnamon.


And for dinner on Tuesday, I prepped some zucchini noodles with my new spiralizer (thanks, Santa)!! I’m still figuring out how it works, hence some of the oddly shaped ones. ; )


Tuesday’s dinner was spaghetti squash, zucchini noodes & turkey meatballs topped with Trader Joe’s tomato basil sauce and baby kale, with a side of the leftover sweet potato fries from Sunday.

Whew! And with that, I think I’m all caught up. =)

Happy WIAW, Happy ‘getting back on track,’ and Happy New Year to all! See you in 2015.

Your Turn-

  • What’s the first thing you do to get back on track after the holidays?
  • Any new year’s resolutions or plans?
  • What would you say to Shannan Penna, creator of Quest Bars, if you saw her?!

6 thoughts on “WIAW – Post-Christmas Catch Up

    • Right?! I have been loving spaghetti squash.. that and the turkey meatballs have been lasting me for days! =) Ahh, what’s been your biggest success with the spiralizer? I haven’t done anything but zucchini yet =)


    • Arman! So happy to see you back! 🙂 Hope your holidays were great. So happy my post made YOU happy. Your posts and your recipes always make me smile!

      Haha… I wasn’t sure if it was her — I used to follow her personal Instagram .. Don’t make me sound creepy! 😉


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