Holiday Highlights of Home

Merry Christmas! It is just sooo nice to be home. =) Ever since I arrived back in town on Friday, I’ve been running around seeing friends & family, baking, wrapping, and doing some last minute holiday errands. It’s been non-stop, but just the way I like it!

I figured photos are the best way to summarize the highlights of home so far. Here we go!

Baby Cousin Claire


Claire and her Mom (my cousin Nicole) live about 3 hours away, so we always treasure the time we get to share when they are in. She is just the SWEETEST baby!

Catching Up with Friends


I haven’t been taking a lot of photos, but I’ve spent most nights with my best friends. We all live here & there now, so when we’re all able to get together, it really is a special time. Like our matching sweatshirts? ;D

Cookie Baking



As per tradition, my Mom and I baked our chocolate chip, chocolate crinkle, and Italian anise cookies. I am chief taste tester/beater licker.

Seeing Lucy


This old lady is my 14 year old dog, Lucy. She got sick in August and we actually thought we’d have to put her down, but she has been hanging in there and doing really well. So glad I’m getting to see her this week!

Painting Ceramics with Mom


As part of my Mom’s Christmas present, I took her to ceramics. She used to go to class regularly in the 80s and 90s, and we always said we wanted to go together. I surprised her and took her to paint some ceramics on Monday! My guy is the one on the right : )

Running Through Town


So far I’ve gotten 1 outdoor run and a few indoor workouts in. I was actually looking forward to my chilly outdoor run … really I just wanted to prove to myself that I could still run in the cold weather! : ) It was a slow run, but it felt good. I hope to get out on Christmas Day, too.

Our Tree


I did my own tree in Texas, but it’s definitely not the same. My Mom’s tree & decorations are beautiful, and truly make me feel at home. It’s all about tradition!

Now that I live away from home, I feel like I appreciate it so much more. Seeing my friends and family is way less frequent now, so it makes it 100x more special. I’m so happy and thankful to be spending my Christmas here at home. ❤

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, everyone!


4 thoughts on “Holiday Highlights of Home

  1. Your ceramics are so cute. You and your mom are serious artists. I don’t think my mother and I could pull that off, but we’re taking a croissant making class while I’m here. 🙂

    Feeling the same way about being at home, it’s a nice break from everything.


  2. Good for you for getting out in the cold to run! I’m such a baby that anything under 50 degrees sends me inside. I’m so glad to hear your dog is doing better! Enjoy all those snuggles xoxo


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