December Promises to Myself

New Year’s Resolutions are so overdone. I’m all for setting goals and refocusing, but why wait until January 1st?

After my Thanksgiving vacation, I was honestly excited to settle back into a routine. My stomach was hurting and my body was craving healthy, wholesome foods. Vacation was great, but I knew what I needed to do. Monday, December 1st seemed like a perfect time to start fresh.

With the holidays coming up, I know I won’t have the “cleanest” or “fittest” December. I mean, Christmas cookies? I’m all over it. But I did set a few realistic goals for myself this month that should help me stay on track and feeling like myself.

December promises to myself for health and wellness

1) Be open-minded with my workouts. This time of year is crazy busy. Holidays parties, catching up with friends, and Christmas shopping sometimes takes priority over a 90-minute gym session, and that’s okay! As Kelly alluded to, this month I hope to remain flexible with my workouts. If that means a quick HIIT workout, walk, or yoga flow instead of taking my favorite class at the gym, that’s what I’ll do!

2) Eat normally most of the time. You know your friend the 80/20 rule? That’s what December’s all about. This isn’t too hard for me since all the meals I prep for myself are pretty balanced. I’d like to continue to eat nutritious meals all month long, seeing as I know a few holiday splurges are inevitable.

3) Get plenty of sleep. Confession – I stayed up late every night this week cleaning and decorating my apartment (hey, it could be worse). But I know I function best on 7-8 hours of sleep, so I want to stay committed to that every night.

4) Know I won’t be perfect. I’m done with feeling guilty after a piece of pie (okay, two… and a half) at a holiday get together. I’m not going to be that girl who eats only salad and a small piece of turkey at dinner. Plus, I know that depriving myself only makes things worse later on.

5) Treat myself, and make it count. Like the candy bowl in my office, there are treats this time of year that I can and can’t do without. Pumpkin pie and Tollhouse cookies? It’s obvi happening. =) But that doesn’t mean that I need to eat every cookie and piece of candy I see from now through Christmas. If I’m gonna do it, it’s gonna be worth it!

I truly think it’s so important to give yourself some slack this time of year. Don’t feel guilty. Enjoy the holidays. Life’s too short to stress and be hard on yourself, especially during such a joyous season.

I feel good knowing that I can keep myself healthy, happy, and balanced this month without having to wait ’til January. Before you can spread joy to others, you have to find it within yourself. ❤

 Your Turn 

  • Thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions?
  • Any good tricks for staying healthy and happy during the holidays?

16 thoughts on “December Promises to Myself

  1. I love your list! I’m like the opposite of most people in that seeing a million Christmas cookies and baked goods everywhere actually makes me want them LESS this time of year. If only I could make that happen with the savory treats!


  2. I’m totally with you on New Year’s resolutions being overdone. Everyday is a new day to start fresh. I must say, I do pretty well with getting enough sleep because if I don’t, nothing else goes right! Great goals and tips for enjoying the best time of year 🙂


  3. I never make New Year resolutions, I prefer to take them day by day because even though we start a new year on January 1st, it is still a new day!
    For me enjoying is not overdoing it so the 80/20 rule works perfectly! I definitely need to get better with the sleeping part. I also plan to set aside some ME time because during this month it often just gets too crazy….:)


    • Exactly, Elsie! Even if I do make a resolution, it’s more of a chance to be mindful of something I want to work on… not necessarily a huge lifestyle change like some people shoot for. But whatever works! =) And yesss, “me” time is so important!

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  4. I never do New Years resolutions! If I want to do something new, then I’ll do it whenever I think of it, rather than waiting for New Year.
    Definitely agree with you on letting yourself enjoy treats but only the ones that are worth it.


  5. I love your healthy outlook on the holidays! It’s so admirable and you seem to get that it’s all about balance, not restriction and guilt. Love it! And I’m with ya on the promises in December, not January 1st. Those are such cliches and we hardly stick to them anyway. Getting more sleep is a huge one! I’ve heard over and over that getting enough sleep will help you make better food decisions throughout the day so that seems like a no-brainer.


  6. I like making monthly mini goals – for me it’s easier to focus on one or two things at a time, nail those then move to the next. Sometimes taking on too many goals at once can be too difficult and have me quitting before I give it my all. This month I’m focusing on drinking enough water and being mindful of when and why I snack.


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