I Love LA: Vacation Recap

There’s no longer any question… it’s Christmastime! Now that Thanksgiving is over, I’m in full-fledged Christmas mode. I love it! I’ll post some photos of my decked out apartment soon. =)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was so much fun, spent seeing old friends and living the Southern California lifestyle for a few days. I think that a photo update is the best way to recap, don’t you?


Friendsgiving in LA, 2014. Photo dump, gooo!

En Route


 I needed a ‘just landed’ selfie … I wore this same scarf when I first landed in LA for fall semester of my junior year.


 My travel fashion of choice — warm and comfy all the way.

Malibu Family Winery



How stinkin’ cute are they?! This is Manda and Luke, who I stayed with. Manda was one of my roommates my senior year at Ithaca. These two have been together since 8th grade. Thanks for being amazing hosts, guys!




Runyon Canyon


Good hiking, great views and frequent celeb spottings. We had the dog so we didn’t get too much of a walk in, but it was nice to stretch our legs on Thanksgiving morning regardless.




Laguna Beach & Orange County





I spent the whole day catching up with my friend Karla, who I haven’t seen in 3 years. She lives in Orange County and did an awesome job planning a little itinerary for us. It included a coffee date, drinks, shopping, Laguna Beach, ice cream and driving down (part of) the Pacific Coast Highway. xo!


Drinks at the Montage Hotel overlooking the ocean. So fancy! I was like, are we on a date?! xo

1499531_10203038059940173_8776330468066161873_nGorgeous sunset. =)

Exploring Studio City


‘Aroma’ in Studio City was such a gem! They had coffee, baked goods, sandwiches, salads, and tons of cute Christmas decor. I came here twice, and saw Miley Cyrus’s brother once. =)


A solid mix of Christmas and fall decor at a shop in Studio City.


‘Romancing the Bean’ – cute coffee shop in Burbank. I got “The Gym Rat” smoothie with dates, oats, almond butter, almond milk and cinnamon.

Thanksgiving Dinner with Friends


Thanksgiving dinner about to be served. We had turkey, stuffing (with butternut squash, chorizo, figs and bread from Porto’s), brussels sprouts with bacon, homemade cranberry sauce and potatoes.


These pies were amazing! A pumpkin pecan toffee pie, and a Mexican apple pie made with chili peppers and plenty of cinnamon. Both were amaaaze ; )


 Thanksgiving dinner! Luke and his brother Kyle did an awesome job cooking everything.


Poog approved 😉

Americana at Brand and Sprinkles Cupcakes







Pumpkin Sprinkles cupcake for dinner… when in SoCal!

Baby’s First Acai Bowl : )



All in all, I was very Thankful to have spent this Thanksgiving catching up with old friends in beautiful Southern California. It was just what I needed. Thanks to everyone who met up and made me feel at home. Love you all! So much to be thankful for this year.

While it was a great break, there was a distinct lack of exercise and excess of pie. It felt good to get back into a workout/food routine on Monday. But no regrets – that’s what vacation is for!

Now, just a few weeks back to the grind and then it’ll be home for the holidays. Can’t wait!

Your Turn-

  • What was the highlight of your Thanksgiving weekend?
  • What’s the first thing you did to get back on your routine?

12 thoughts on “I Love LA: Vacation Recap

  1. Looks like a fabulous vacation to me! I like the giant WINE sign. It reminds me of the famous LOVE sign that is shaped similarly. We even have one in a local museum garden area near where I live! Hope I get to visit California some day. First….Austin for New Year’s! Thank you again for all of your suggestions. If I have any further questions or you happen to hear of anything fun happening for New Year’s like some fireworks or a great show or something, please do let me know! Have a good one. 🙂


    • It was so much fun! Haha, I know, I loved the WINE sign for that reason 🙂 .. I will absolutely keep an eye out for New Years things in Austin! There’s bound to be fireworks somewhere 😉 Youre welcome, Kaylin. Keep in touch!


  2. This looks so amazing. I’ve yet to travel out to LA, because I’m terrible at arranging travel that isn’t 5 hours away by plane or more. Everything you did looks amazing, the sunset pictures are beautiful, and I literally want to order that exact acai bowl now.

    So amazing. If I go I’m going to have to reference this or hit you up for suggestions.

    Thanksgiving was chill on my end. Both the cold kind of chill, and the relaxing kind. Spent a bunch of time with family and all. 🙂 Our pies didn’t look near as good as yours.


    • See, and here I am DYING to go to San Francisco!! It sounds like we both need a trip up and down the Pacific Coast Highway =) .. someday!

      I spent some time in LA in college, so we didn’t feel pressured to do all the touristy LA things.. that way, it was nice just to chill out and spend time with friends. It was a nice little break, for sure. You should definitely put LA on your travel bucket list, though. There’s soo much to do and see – a whole ‘nother California is out there!


  3. I’m SO jealous! I was in the freezing northeast for Thanksgiving and would have loved to be in SoCal. So glad you had fun 🙂 Next time I’m in California I want to go hiking. And those sunset pictures on the beach…incredible.


    • Haha, ohhh I feel your pain. I’m suuuuch a baby in the cold, I would be the same way! We were laughing at how “cold” it was when temps were in the 60s 😉 If you’re ever in LA, definitely hike to the Hollywood sign or Runyon Canyon .. the views are incredible.


  4. So many amazing food pics I can’t even handle it haha. Cupcake atms are all over the place now — I’ve never used one but can you say genius?? Plus Sprinkles cupcakes are almost too beautiful to eat!

    Aroma looks like my version of heaven. How beautiful!


  5. What a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am obsessed with all your pictures! The view from the hike is amazing! It is the first time I am hearing of Mexican apple pie…I would have never thought of adding chili peppers!
    I might have to copy the “Gym Rat” smoothie because it sounds delicious! I am really enjoying adding vanilla and nutmeg now and I am obsessed!


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