The Grass Is Greener…

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while. It’s been on my mind for a few months now, and something I’ve been working on improving.

It’s about negativity. Comparison. The human tendency to believe that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

There’s a quote that I’ve been keeping in the back of my mind since I first came across it:

The Grass is Greener Where You Water It

“The grass is greener where you water it.”

You see, I was finding myself being negative way too often. Nothing major – just little things. It mostly became apparent in my conversations with my mom and my best friends, since I tell them everything. I love that I can vent to them, but I started to feel like such a gray cloud!

Even if I never said these things out loud, in the back of my mind I wondered whether I would be happier if …

… I shared my apartment with my boyfriend instead of my brother.
… I moved to Texas/California/New York/back home/xyz city, etc.
… I had a cooler job.
… I could afford expensive, trendy clothes.
… I was engaged.
… I pursued a different career.
… I weighed 5 lbs. less.
… I partied more.
… I made more money.
… I could run 1 more mile, lift 10 lbs. heavier, or hold that yoga pose longer.

And so on. I know it’s normal for us to wonder these things. But I don’t want to let it stop me from enjoying the things I do have.

I’m incredibly fortunate in so many ways. That’s why I’m making a conscious effort to count my blessings more than my problems (oh haayy, another Pinterest quote).

Count your blessings, not your problems

So – my new mantra is “the grass is greener where you water it.” To me, this means stop looking at your neighbors’ grass! Only worry about your own. You might notice just how green it really is. ❤

Your Turn-

  • No questions, but I’d love to hear your thoughts! =) Thanks for letting me get preachy~

14 thoughts on “The Grass Is Greener…

  1. Emily I love this. I really need to start watering my grass 🙂 and stop looking at my neighbors. I try everyday to remind myself that I’ve got exactly what I need and the rest will come in time with hard work and determination and some real self love! Have a beautiful day!


  2. I couldn’t agree more! My mom says that quote to me all the time. I fall into the comparison trap very easily and it takes a conscious effort to get out of it. Also, it’s helpful to remember that we really never know what’s going on in someone’s life, even if it looks perfect from the outside.


  3. I love this. I totally feel you about the grass being greener where you water it. I think for me, there was a point where I felt like I wasn’t watering anything. I think it’s because I wouldn’t let myself be “bad” at things. So I wasn’t willing to try new things for awhile in case there were people better at it than me (there were) and in case I looked dumb (sometimes I did).

    I still sometimes feel a little anxious when trying new things, and can get down on myself about not being able to do some activity. But I try to remind myself that everyone started somewhere.


    • Kay, that is such a good outlook. I think this quote can mean something different to everybody, and I love that you mentioned that “everyone started somewhere.” That has been HUGE for me in starting a new job, etc. It’s all about perspective, and keeping it positive. =) Have a great day, girl!


  4. Thank you for this post! I had never heard of this quote but it is now one of my favorites!! I feel like I am sometimes too hard on myself and set very high expectations which makes me miss out on how strong and powerful I am already. I know I can still grow but I also need to know that it is perfectly ok if I stay where I am. Wise words, thank you! Xx


    • Absolutely true! We are definitely our own harshest critics, and it’s easy to compare ourselves to others… but in reality, we shouldn’t be comparing ourselves at all! It’s all about appreciating the present moment, and knowing that no matter where we are right now, we’re exactly where we’re meant to be. =) Love it. Have a great week!


  5. It’s so true, it can be so easy to get carried away with the negativity.
    What I’ve tried to embrace recently is simply the idea of not complaining. When we stop complaining we start seeing the positives and realising how much we do have to be grateful for! it’s easier said than done, but once it becomes second nature, the positivity just comes through!

    {Teffy’s Perks} X


  6. What a lovely quote! So so so true. As someone who tries to find meaning in literally everything (to the point I annoy the crap out of myself) comparison naturally comes into play. Why did this happen to me and not them? But you’re 100% right – focusing on watering your grass (and maybe you’re neighbor’s while you’re at it) is totally the way to go! Have a great week Emily


  7. Yes yes yes, love it! One of my favorite sayings is, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” I try to spend a few moments a day being mindful about all of the things I have to be thankful about – whether in my car driving, in the midst of a yoga pose, or while walking my dog. It’s just a few minutes to count my blessings and remember that I have it good, and have the power to make an even better life through my actions and attitude 🙂


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