WIAW – My First Burger in Months

Wednesday, Wednesday. You little golden ray of sunshine. Thank you for reminding us that Friday is not far behind! (See? Do you believe me? It really is all about perspective.) ; )

Last week I opted out of doing a ‘What I Ate Wednesday’ post, so today I’m happy to be back sharing some of my favorite meals from the week. Thanks to Jenn (Peas and Crayons) for hosting this linkup.

wiaw-fall-into-good-habits-button I was going to say the burger I got on Sunday was the highlight of what I ate this week…

My first burger in months came from Hop Doddy gourmet burger bar in Austin, TX.

My first burger in months. I got it with cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, BBQ sauce, mushrooms and “sassy sauce” — from Hop Doddy in Austin.

… But then I remembered the Pumpkin Spice/Graham Cracker fro-yo I treated myself to on Saturday.

Froyo with all the toppings!


Oh, then there were the Pumpkin Dark Chocolate Chip Pancakes I made for myself on Monday. They were healthy and amaaaazing — I called them the Monday Killer.

Healthy dark chocolate pumpkin pancakes are totally a Monday Killer.


Then again I’ve been loving a solid purple sweet potato/salmon/brussels sprouts combo. All my faves. And how awesome are purple sweet potatoes?!

Grilled salmon, roasted brussels sprouts and purple sweet potato are a healthy and awesome dinner combo!

Yeah, I took a nib before snapping the photo. ; )


And of course, I’m on my salad game for easy vitamin-packed work lunches. This week I switched it up by adding roasted beets, sprouts & lentils on top of my usual avocado, carrot, tomato and cucumber grind. I was so happy my lentils didn’t turn to mush.

Veggie packed salad for an easy work lunch

So I guess there really was no highlight. It’s all a highlight! No complaints here.

I’m consciously eating as healthy as possible this week because I’m sure that Halloween candy and grown-up candy (okay, alcohol) will be happening this weekend.

I haven’t revealed my costume to anyone yet … fingers crossed that it actually comes out the way I want it to! ; )

Your Turn-

  • Best Halloween candy? Worst? (Bit O Honey .. let’s be real)
  • Are you dressing up for Halloween?
  • Highlight of your meals this week? (Did you share it on your blog?)

20 thoughts on “WIAW – My First Burger in Months

  1. That is a tough call between which is better – the burger of froyo mess. Both look delicious. I think I’ll have to give it to the burger as you haven’t had one in months.

    favorite halloween candy: Reeses pb pumpkins.


  2. Purple sweet potatoes are the prettiest vegetable! Gotta get some for my smoothies (loved that idea)
    That. Fro. Yo! Graham crackers are my weakness, well I have a lot of weaknesses, but they are certainly one of them. Have a great week!


  3. I like this post, I am working full time too, and its a desk job with a lot of meetings and phone call thru the day, stressful at times, and I noticed, that when I indulge in the wrong snack I crash at 4pm, and the day isn’t over by far, so smart snacking at the office is very important.


  4. Best: Reeses. OMG.
    Worst: Bubblegum. I want chocolate, yo. Haha
    Highlight meal of the week is, hands down, the sandwich I had yesterday. Tuscan bread, pesto mayo, spinach, sundried tomatoes and mozzarella. It was incredible but I forgot a photo… looks like I’ll need to get another one! (Aw darn, haha)


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