Gift Card Game

Thank you to everyone who offered positive words on Friday’s post about self-imposed fitness rules. Many of us are in the same boat — loving our healthy lifestyles, and working on a healthy balance. Everything in moderation, right?

As I hoped, this weekend was very relaxing, just the way I like it! Though I didn’t actually get paid on Friday, I had the urge to SPEND SOME MONEY! ; ) Do you ever feel that way? I knew I shouldn’t reallyyy be shopping for things I didn’t need, so I decided to spend some gift cards. My gift card game was strong this weekend!

When I moved into my apartment in August, I actually found a $75 (!!) gift card to Banana Republic. Thank you, previous tenants! It works for BR, Gap and Athleta. Score! I hadn’t really found anything I wanted previously, but on Friday I decided to cash it in.

cute and cozy fall clothes from the Gap

I got these two sweaters and a long sleeved baseball tee, so it better cool down at least a little bit in Texas. : )

After the mall, Iย treated myself to a Juiceland smoothie, where I also have a gift card. I chose the “Chai Chia,” which is made with chai, banana, almond milk, coconut oil, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger and coconut oil. Hit the spot!

chai chia smoothie from juiceland austin

At my coworker’s suggestion (hey Casey!), I was on the hunt for SO Delicious pumpkin spice coconut milk. This stuff is hard to find, but pumpkin lovers, you’ve got to try it! I’ve been loving it in my morning coffee, though I usually drink it black … don’t tell my barista friends. ; )

SO delicious pumpkin spice coconut milk

Finally, today I made the pilgrimage 18 miles north to the only Dunkin Donuts in Austin. I have a $5 gift card for there, and the pumpkin spice coffee that I grew up with is worth the drive. (Disclaimer: since working as a barista after college, I really only drink specialty coffee anymore. Buuuut, I make an exception for the occasional pumpkin coffee from Dunkin. I worked there for 6 years in high school/college, you just can’t shake that kind of habit. ;))

Continuing with my pumpkin theme, I was actually able to enjoy breakfast in bed yesterday. I think it was honestly the first time ever! With the morning thunderstorms outside my window, it was nice to have a lazy morning in bed enjoying my pumpkin baked oatmeal.


The cooler weather and relaxed vibe of this weekend was very welcome, in my opinion. I’m ready to do it all again next weekend!

Your Turn-

  • When you get a gift card, do you hold onto it for a bit or go spend it immediately?
  • USA friends- are you off of school/work for Columbus Day? (I’m jealous if you are!)

6 thoughts on “Gift Card Game

  1. I love gift cards! So much that I save them for special occasions and by the time I want to use them I either can’t find them or they have expired…Need to work on that because who doesn’t like buying for free! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Breakfast in bed is the best!


  2. I always use my gift cards for fear of forgetting about them. What a score to find one in your new place!! Love the white sweater, if it doesn’t cool down in Texas send it to me in Michigan, we certainly get the cooler temps. Ha!


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