State Fair of Texas + Deep Fried Everything

Having grown up in the Northeast, living in the south has been a bit of a culture shock for me. It’s true that Austin is more of a melting pot than other areas, but sometimes I find myself feeling totally immersed in southern culture. It’s a riot!

the state fair of texas is a uniquely southern experience

The State Fair of Texas was a uniquely southern experience, for sure. On Sunday, a friend and I drove 3 hours to Dallas with the intention of encountering some good fried food and people watching. We called it an anthropological experiment, and kept saying we felt so Texas-y. Too funny!

I’ve been to my fair share (no pun intended) of country fairs before back in Pennsylvania, so the fair wasn’t anything TOO crazy to me. However, it was absolutely HUGE! Everything is bigger in Texas, right?

An actual Texas Longhorn ... now I get it, UT!

An actual Texas Longhorn … now I get it, UT!

There was so much to do and see, and way more exhibits than any fair I’ve ever visited. The photo up above is Big Tex, a talking, moving, totally creepy statue, and the mascot of the fair since the 1940s.

But I know what parts of the fair you really want to see.

You’ve heard of fried Oreos, right? Well, at the State Fair of Texas, fried Oreos are basically child’s play. They seriously sell deep fried EVERYTHING!


Fried Coke? Fried brisket? What even are you?!

I was amazed at some of the items they were selling. Fried butter, fried Coca Cola, fried beer, fried guacamole, fried pumpkin pie… the list is practically never-ending. When it comes to fair food, Texas doesn’t mess around.

I don’t really love fried foods, so I had to make a calculated decision on what to try. With deep fried craziness everywhere I looked, I knew I had a big decision ahead of me!

Leading up to the fair, I had been hearing about this Funnel Cake Ale, and was super excited to try it.


To be honest, it tasted like regular beer. But the powdered sugar rim was pretty fun! Either way, I just had to try it. When in Rome, right?

Some other options for fair food…

the state fair of texas is a uniquely southern experience


the state fair of texas is a uniquely southern experience

I’d be lying if I said the fried Pop-Tarts and fried PB & J didn’t tempt me. But I actually chose the Deep Fried Texas Bluebonnet, which was kind of like a fried blueberry pancake….

deep fried texas bluebonnet at the state fair of texas

It had a cream cheese-y center, and was topped with whipped cream, white chocolate chips and more blueberries. It was good but not great — I’m happy to stick with my froyo and pumpkin muffins.

However, the best part was, it honestly didn’t make me feel like crap! It really wasn’t huge or super indulgent. Or maybe I’m just building up a tolerance for junk food… let’s not go there. ; )


Other highlights from the fair were watching baby chicks hatch, piglets nursing, a Celtic rock bang playing bagpipes in cowboy hats, and the Lucy Hale concert! I had never actually heard any of Lucy’s songs, but the PLL fan in me was totally geeking out.

All in all, the State Fair of Texas was an interesting experience, a good time, and a check off the Texas bucket list. So glad I made the trip!

Your Turn-

  • Which of these fried foods would you try?
  • Do you have a favorite fair food or tradition?

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