Yoga Reminders

Hello and Happy Friday! 🙂 Are you feeling good today, or more than ready for the week to be done?

In lieu of my weekly Wednesday yoga on the roof of Whole Foods, I’ve been enjoying a free week of unlimited yoga at a studio in downtown Austin. It’s been super nice! I actually made it to the 6 AM class this morning … barely.

corepower yoga austin texas

Do you have Corepower Yoga near you?

I really enjoyed the instructor’s attitude this morning. Something he kept repeating was, “Be soft.” It was a good reminder to be gentle with yourself, both physically and mentally. From there, we can be soft with others.

In so many areas of our lives, we are our toughest critic. Whether it’s work, school, relationships or anything else, we tend to be so hard on ourselves. Class today was a reminder that it’s okay to be soft. Be playful. Extend peace into the world.

I don’t consider myself a “spiritual” yogi, but sometimes I really connect with what the instructor has to say. I’m thankful that today was one of those days!

peace in the world  yoga

There is another phrase I picked up from yoga a few months back. I think about it often. That is, “know that this is exactly where you are meant to be, because this is where you are.Where you are and who you are in this moment is perfect. Embrace it!

Your Turn-

  • Have you ever learned something from a yoga class?
  • What’s a quote that’s been resonating with you lately?

Have a great weekend, everybody!


8 thoughts on “Yoga Reminders

    • I just recently got into yoga maybe a year or two ago… I try to get on my mat once a week now. And when I can’t, I’ll try to find a yoga video I like, although it’s not the same! haha. I love that Maya Angelou quote!


    • That’s awesome! Cross training is great, and sometimes you just need to STRETCH! It honestly took me a while to get into yoga after I had first tried it… I can’t explain what brought me back, but I do know that finding an instructor/studio you like makes all the difference! : ) Thanks for commenting!


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