Old Family Videos

When my parents were in town last week, we spent the evenings just relaxing and hanging out with one another. It was a nice, low-pressure way to hang out without feeling like we needed to be doing something.

In fact, one of the biggest highlights of their visit was watching old family videos!

Me at age 4, playing with Barbie and her little sister Stacy

Me at age 4, playing with Barbie and her little sister Stacy

My Dad has recently been converting all our old VHS tapes to DVD, and I convinced my parents to bring some along on their trip. It was such a riot watching my kindergarten-age self run around and be a total ham for the camera. Those were the days!

Some favorite moments:

  • Me being a total champ with a hot pink cast on my broken leg, age 4
  • Refusing to speak on my 5th birthday because I had just gotten my tonsils out (rough year!)
  • The kindgergarten play, “When I Grow Up” … I wanted to be a “model.” So funny seeing my old classmates, as well!

Clearly models wore floral dresses and bows in the ’90s ; )

  • My failed attempt at playing Bop-It, age 6
  • Seeing my dog (now 14 years old) as a puppy again
  • My Grandmas (now deceased) doting on my brother and I, and making us laugh without even trying!

It was so much fun watching these videos, many of which probably haven’t even been touched since they were created. Needless to say, I was an adorable kid. 😉

When I head home for Christmas, I hope we can pick up where we left off watching old videos!

Your Turn-

  • What’s your favorite childhood memory?
  • Do old family videos embarrass you, or do you embrace ’em?

2 thoughts on “Old Family Videos

  1. I think there comes a time in ones life that embarassment turns to embracement. I think it happens when you realize that most everyone has had similar moments in their life too. I love those old pictures/videos/movies. I just try to convince my children that they will want them when they get older so that they don’t totally avoid the camera, but I am not always successful. Oh well, I will get more of those goofy ones then. (You know, the ones of them trying to hide from the camera. ) 🙂


    • I totally agree! You don’t appreciate them at the time, but you definitely appreciate them later. It’s cool to see those special (or goofy) moments captured on tape! Your kids definitely will appreciate it one day. Thanks for commenting!


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