Road Trip Ready

Safe to say I’m ready for this weekend trip to San Antonio!

Road trip ready! Clif bar, Pumpkin spice Alt Bar, PB&J Larabar, Quest bar, Kind Bar

I always bring a variety of snacks with me when I’m traveling. Bars are so easy to take on the go, and I also like to bring plain oatmeal packets, individual nut butter packs, almonds, fruit, hemp seeds, etc. They always come in handy when hunger attacks, or when hotel breakfasts just aren’t gonna cut it!

Your Turn-

What are your go-to travel snacks?


2 thoughts on “Road Trip Ready

  1. Sunflower seeds! (I prefer the low sodium kind) It’s an activity as well as a snack! I always boredom-eat on car trips, and these satisfy that urge while being relatively low cal.


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