My Kind Of Bars

This weekend, I paid a visit to my favorite “bar…”

Whole Foods

The Whole Foods salad bar, of course. 😉 It amazes me how a single lunch can easily cost $10-12 (tell me it’s not just me!), so I only do this once in a while. But it’s always totally worth it.

Saturday I had a “me” day. I did my favorite 9 AM Body Pump class, sandwiched in between two 10-minute cardio sessions (jogging to the gym, then a quick treadmill HIIT).


That gorgeous Cookies & Cream Quest Bar was waiting for me post-workout. So good! I guess if the salad bar is my favorite bar… Quest Bar is my 2nd fave.

After the gym, I browsed the farmer’s market as per usual. I picked up $1.50 worth of fresh beets. I haven’t decided what to do with them yet, but I’m thinking some sort of kale/beet/walnut salad. Stay tuned for that! I also may or may not have had fro-yo yesterday… but I didn’t take a pic because if there’s no proof, it didn’t happen. 😉 Right?

The most interesting find of the day, though, was Cotton Candy Grapes! Have you heard people talking about these?


I didn’t pick any up at Whole Foods, but I nibbled on a stray one. They totally do taste like cotton candy. Too bizarre!

Your Turn —

  • Have you tried Cotton Candy Grapes? Would you?
  • What’s your favorite type of ‘bar?’ I’m not talking the kind that serves Vodka Red Bulls, either. Although those can be fun too. 🙂

Have a great Sunday!


2 thoughts on “My Kind Of Bars

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