What I Ate Wednesday

Hi all – time to check in for some ‘What I Ate Wednesday!’

I don’t always photograph what I’m eating, and I am almost always unhappy with the lighting, haha. But here are some highlights of my meals from the past week.


IMG_2585 Blueberry cinnamon overnight oats in a jar!

IMG_2595Not the most photogenic cereal bowl in the world 😉 Shredded Wheat + Cinnamon Hazelnut Crunch + 1/2 banana + hemp seeds + pepitas

photo 3 This morning’s post-run smoothie: 3/4 frozen banana + kale + strawberries + flax + unsweetened vanilla almond milk.
(Magic Bullet be like….)

And a different view:

photo 2
What? It’s the liquid diet. ; )


imageI slept in on Sunday and had a pretty late breakfast, so lunch was nice and light.


Work lunch. I always eat outside! Salad with lettuce, arugala, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, hemp seeds, pepitas, Central Market hatch chile hummus and balsamic glaze.


IMG_2591I made a big batch of this on Monday, and have been having the leftovers ever since. It’s Trader Joe’s Vegan Chorizo + sauteed bell peppers and hatch chiles from the farmer’s market + arugala + fried egg. Best!

photoToday’s random non-dinnery dinner… I wasn’t super hungry when I got home from work so I decided to have a smaller meal.

This was 2 cinnamon sugar rice cakes (li’l splurge since I usually get plain). One had peanut flour/almond milk blend, 1/2 banana, cinnamon and dry cereal. The other had Trader Joe’s no sugar added Raspberry Jam + pepitas + hemp seeds + cacao nibs.

By the way, thanks to everyone who helped me get last week’s 1-minute mug cake to 100 likes on Instagram!

Now I’m off to yoga! Have a great night, everyone. But first…


Your Turn:
– Do you ever have a non-dinnery dinner?


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