New Neighborhood Runs

Good morning and Happy Wednesday! I’m excited to be almost “over the hump” for this week. Looking forward to the weekend!

Since moving into my new apartment, I’ve adopted a new workout routine pretty quickly. Similar to my senior year of college, I’ve decided to wake up and work out 3x a week before work. This seems to work best for me! I’ve also made a schedule of what workouts to do on what days, which helps keep me accountable. It looks like this:

Monday – 6:45 PM Body Pump (+cardio)
Tuesday – AM workout
Wednesday – AM run + 8:00 PM yoga
Thursday – AM workout
Friday – Rest 🙂
Saturday – 9:00 or 10:15 AM Body Pump (+cardio)
Sunday – Cardio

Wednesday mornings are dedicated to outdoor runs. Since I’m new to this neighborhood, I’m still figuring out the best loops/paths near me. My best runs tend to be when I don’t have to think about where I’m going – I just go. So I’m looking forward to getting into that mindset!

At the recommendation of one of my coworkers, I used MapMyRun’s ‘Routes’ feature to find out where people run in my neighborhood! I had used MapMyRun before to log workouts, but wasn’t aware of this feature.

Screen shot 2014-08-20 at 8.50.46 AM

From the app, I was able to type in my starting address and identify a 2 mile loop starting and ending at my apartment complex! This morning, I did the loop 2x for a hot, humid 4 mile morning run.

Now I’m off for another 9-5 day (technically 9:30-6 at my job!), followed by yoga on the Whole Foods roof! I plan to check back in tonight for some ‘What I Ate Wednesday.’ 🙂

Your Turn-

  • Have you used ‘MapMyRun?’
  • Do you prefer morning or evening workouts?

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