NEW – Chobani Oats (Review)

Today’s mid-morning snack was something new and exciting…


 Chobani Greek yogurt + Oats!

I spotted this new flavor at Target and couldn’t wait to try it. It combines my three favorite breakfast ingredients – oats, fruit, and Greek yogurt.

Truth be told, I have strayed away from Chobani in the past few months. I wasn’t a huge fan of their decision to downsize from 6 oz. to 5.3 oz. and their addition of artificial sweeteners, but that’s another story. I’ve always been a huge fan their marketing, though, and I think their brand loyalty is super impressive.

That being said, I am a huge sucker for new flavors. This one did not let me down! I loved the addition of steel cut oats, and thought that the Apple Cinnamon flavor was spot on. I swirled in some ground flax and banana slices for a little extra oomph. Next up I’d like to try the Banana Maple flavor!

Health nuts – before you get too excited, be aware that this new variety of Chobani packs 17g sugar, 160 calories, and only 10g protein. A plain nonfat Greek yogurt, to which you can add your own fruit and toppings, typically contains about 4g sugar, 90 calories, and 18g protein. Yikes!

While I don’t think that Chobani Oats will replace my regular 10 AM snack of nonfat plain Greek, fresh fruit, and nuts/cereal, I’m glad I tried it! I can see myself enjoying this as an occasional on-the-go treat.

Questions –

  • Have you tried Chobani Oats yet?
  • What flavor would you most like to try – Apple Cinnamon, Banana Maple, Blueberry, or Cranberry?

Have a great day, everyone!


One thought on “NEW – Chobani Oats (Review)

  1. You are nuts. This yogurt was disgusting. It tastes like horse trough food. I could not have more than 2 bites, and only went past one just to make sure it was as disgusting as the first taste.


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