Road Trip Ready

Safe to say I’m ready for this weekend trip to San Antonio!

Road trip ready! Clif bar, Pumpkin spice Alt Bar, PB&J Larabar, Quest bar, Kind Bar

I always bring a variety of snacks with me when I’m traveling. Bars are so easy to take on the go, and I also like to bring plain oatmeal packets, individual nut butter packs, almonds, fruit, hemp seeds, etc. They always come in handy when hunger attacks, or when hotel breakfasts just aren’t gonna cut it!

Your Turn-

What are your go-to travel snacks?


Parents Are Visiting!

Hi all, happy long weekend!

It was a pretty solid week at work, and I’m about to go pick my parents up from the airport. I just ate dinner.. and dessert.. and a snack. Okay, I guess I’m bored waiting for them. 😉

Rice cake with peanut butter and chia seeds balanced delicately on my mac book

We’re going to San Antonio this weekend. I’ve never been, and it should be fun to get out of Austin for a bit and explore someplace new. It should be a very food-filled week, as it typically is when my family’s in town.

Enjoy your weekend!

What I Ate Wednesday

Time to check in for another WIAW post! The highlights of this week included some more fall-themed overnight oats and a quick and easy beet, kale and walnut concoction, inspired by the farmer’s market. Check it out, and let me know what you’ve been enjoyin’ this week!

Shoutout to Peas & Crayons for hosting an awesome WIAW Linkup as always! 🙂


getting ready for fall with apple cinnamon overnight oats in a jar

Amazinggg Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats in a mason jar. Got me in the mood for fall!

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The Reality of Training for your First Half Marathon

(This content was originally posted on Quarter Life Conversations – an awesome blog run by my friend Liza!)

half marathon training

I was never a runner. In high school I dreaded running laps at soccer practice, and frequently felt nauseous after the timed-mile test. But here I am 5+ years later, a half marathon under my belt. When I graduated from college and was working part time in a less-than-rewarding job, I decided to set a goal for myself. I signed up for a half marathon, and the rest was history!

my first half marathon

Was training for 12 weeks in the Pennsylvania perma-winter 2014 fun? Not really. But did I slap an obnoxious “13.1” magnet on the back of my car hours after crossing the finish line? Damn right I did!

Here are some of the realities of training for my first half marathon. I’ll let you decide whether you think half marathoners are, as they claim, “only half crazy.”

  1. You might gain, not lose, weight. What?! Doesn’t running burn, like, crazy calories? Well yes, I suppose it does. But it also makes you super hungry all the time! It’s very easy to fall into the “I ran 8 miles today, I can eat whatever I want” mentality, but this can easily be your downfall. I sometimes struggled to be aware of my body’s needs (sweet potatoes and peanut butter, now!) and differentiate them from my tastebuds’ desires.
  1. It’s easy to become a slave to your training plan. Since this was my first race, I wanted a training plan to take the guesswork out of my workouts. I don’t regret following the plan, but I can’t tell you how many times I wished a different workout was on my agenda. Word of advice: training plans are not one size fits all. If you need to work in an extra rest day or you’re just not feeling 6 miles in the freezing rain, adapt the plan to fit your needs!
Half Marathon Training Plan

The half marathon training plan I followed, via Self Magazine

  1. You compromise your other fitness goals. Before half marathon training, I was incorporating a lot of strength and plyometrics into my workouts. I loved the results I was seeing in my muscles! But as my workouts centered more on running long and slow miles, I basically put my (tiny) muscle gains on hold. Boo!
  1. Be prepared to tweak your weekends. Most people will devote several hours on Saturday or Sunday to their “long run.” For me, it was early Sunday mornings, which meant no going out and getting drunk on Saturday nights. Luckily I didn’t see this as a huge deal breaker, but let’s not kid ourselves –that kind of sucks! I do know some people who could pull off the late-night-Fridays-get-out-and-run-Saturday-evenings, but I could never rock that schedule.
  1. You’ll reach a new level of soreness. I’m no stranger to delayed onset muscle soreness, but increasing my distance runs made me sore in strange new ways. After my first 9-mile run, my hips were so sore that I could barely sleep! Eventually your body gets used to the distance, but I was totally unprepared for the discomfort that I felt.

All “realities” aside, it’s a great feeling to set a goal and watch yourself make small strides toward accomplishing it. I was nervous before every long run, but 95% of the time I was surprised at how well I could perform. For those who are thinking about signing up for a race, I totally encourage you to give it a try! Now that you’re armed with a few heads-ups, you’ll be ready to tackle your own training plan. Let me know how it goes!

At the finish line

Your Turn-

  • What are your current running/fitness goals?
  • Have you trained for a 5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon? How did it go?

Every Meal is a Choice

Good morning and happy Monday. I must admit, I’m feeling a little sentimental during all the ‘back-to-school’ activity going on. I wish I was back in elementary school, where my only care in the world was whether to wear a khaki or navy skort (thanks, school uniforms!). 😉

back to school

Back-to-school throwback! First day of kindergarten.

I wanted to pop in this morning and talk about something that’s been on my mind since last night. Do you have a Sprouts Farmers Market grocery store near you? I’m a huge fan of their inexpensive produce! I follow them on social media, and saw this post on their Instagram last night:

Austin healthy living“Every meal is a choice.” It’s such a simple phrase, but something that really stuck with me!

Every breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dessert, etc. is a choice, and you have the power to decide what you put in your body. Sometimes you might choose the burger and fries, and sometimes you may choose the salmon and kale. Both are okay.

For me, it’s important to be mindful of every choice you make and why you’re choosing it. I’m happy as long as the majority of my choices make me feel good, both physically and spiritually. Most days I make healthy choices because that’s what makes my body happy. But some days, I choose a piece of cake or a giant ice cream because that’s what makes my soul happy. It’s all about balance, right?

Something that really helps me make good choices is prepping my meals in advance. We all have busy schedules, and I’ve found that making my lunch the night before sets me up for success, and helps me avoid a frantic “I’ll eat anything in sight” situation. 

meal prep

Whatever works, right? 🙂

Your Turn-

  • What does ‘mindful eating’ mean to you?
  • Do you prep your meals in advance?

Have a great day, everyone!

New Neighborhood Runs

Good morning and Happy Wednesday! I’m excited to be almost “over the hump” for this week. Looking forward to the weekend!

Since moving into my new apartment, I’ve adopted a new workout routine pretty quickly. Similar to my senior year of college, I’ve decided to wake up and work out 3x a week before work. This seems to work best for me! I’ve also made a schedule of what workouts to do on what days, which helps keep me accountable. It looks like this:

Monday – 6:45 PM Body Pump (+cardio)
Tuesday – AM workout
Wednesday – AM run + 8:00 PM yoga
Thursday – AM workout
Friday – Rest 🙂
Saturday – 9:00 or 10:15 AM Body Pump (+cardio)
Sunday – Cardio

Wednesday mornings are dedicated to outdoor runs. Since I’m new to this neighborhood, I’m still figuring out the best loops/paths near me. My best runs tend to be when I don’t have to think about where I’m going – I just go. So I’m looking forward to getting into that mindset!

At the recommendation of one of my coworkers, I used MapMyRun’s ‘Routes’ feature to find out where people run in my neighborhood! I had used MapMyRun before to log workouts, but wasn’t aware of this feature.

Screen shot 2014-08-20 at 8.50.46 AM

From the app, I was able to type in my starting address and identify a 2 mile loop starting and ending at my apartment complex! This morning, I did the loop 2x for a hot, humid 4 mile morning run.

Now I’m off for another 9-5 day (technically 9:30-6 at my job!), followed by yoga on the Whole Foods roof! I plan to check back in tonight for some ‘What I Ate Wednesday.’ 🙂

Your Turn-

  • Have you used ‘MapMyRun?’
  • Do you prefer morning or evening workouts?