Our Mutual Friends

Does anyone else feel like their favorite bloggers are like mini celebrities? I have to be honest, I feel kind of awesome when one of my favorite health food bloggers replies to my comments. 😉

Like you, I’m sure, there are a handful of bloggers I’ve been following for awhile. I love being inspired by their recipes, workouts, and general daily musings. And even though I know I’m only one of thousands of followers that visit their blogs every day, I feel like I know them personally! Weird, right?

Since I’m new to the blog world, I wanted to share some of my favorite blogs with you. I’m guessing there’s a good chance we have some “mutual friends!”

  1. Peanut Butter Fingers (Julie) – As I’ve mentioned, Julie has helped inspire my workouts for years! I admire her balance. She cooks up awesome healthy recipes and snacks, but isn’t afraid to indulge every now and then. Way to be, Julie!
  2. ImmaEatThat (Kylie) – Yummmm, recipe central!! Kylie does an awesome job of sharing recipes that health-ify the classic favorites (think tacos, pizza, desserts). Plus she’s a fellow Texan! Can’t wait for her eBook.
  3. Nutrition Happens (May) – I nominate May for the Queen of Instagram. That’s not a thing? Well, it should be. I was a winner of May’s “12 Mugs of Christmas” contest back in December, and have basically been her biggest fan ever since. The woman is a genius with health food. 🙂 So inspiring!

    The "12 Mugs of Christmas" winnings.. a ton of tea bags! I displayed them by my desk at work. What do you think? :)

    The “12 Mugs of Christmas” winnings.. a ton of tea bags! I displayed them by my desk at work. What do you think? 🙂

  4. The Coconut Diaries (Kim, aka @pbeechie on Insta) – If May’s the Queen of Instagram, Kim should just be Queen of the World. She lost 65 pounds by adopting a healthy lifestyle, which is amazing! She’s all about weight training, and therefore, concocts tons of protein-packed goodies! She makes healthy versions of EVERY sinful food you can imagine. It’s ridiculous… and I love it.
  5. Chocolate Covered Katie (Katie) – Literal dessert genius. I can’t even imagine how Katie comes up with all these healthy desserts, but I’m not questioning it.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Eating Bird Food – A great go-to for healthy, fresh, veggie-packed recipes.
  • Garden of Vegan – Gorgeous photos! Makes you think “I can totally be a vegan if I ate this food every day!”
  • In it 4 the Long Run – I know Georgie from college, and her blog is definitely on its way to success!
  • @TastyHealth on Instagram – I’ve been screen capping her recipes forever. Pancakes, mugcakes, oatmeal, oh my!

Now it’s your turn! Tell me – Do you follow these ladies? Who else are your favorites?

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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